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Ok, as you may know, my husband Roger went through a Christian discipleship program as an alternative to going through a regular drug detox program.
He was addicted to heroine.
He was pretty much addicted to anything he could get his hands on be it drugs, pills, hobbies, collecting meaningless trinkets...
Very addictive personality.
But I think it was because he was searching for something deeper.
He had holes that he knew NEEDED to be filled and was reaching for all the wrong things, as a lot of us do.

I was 8 months pregnant with Hailee when I could not take being lied to, stolen from, and cheated any more.
God stepped in - in a POWERFUL way - as only God can.
I didn't even know places like this existed.

Here is the website for Calvary Chapel Lexington's U-Turn for Christ campus. This is the campus my husband went to.
He is no longer addicted to heroine. {praise God!}
He once had a total UNbelief in God, and is now, a Christian, ready and VERY willing to talk to anyone who has questions or just "doubts" in general.
[trust me, he has searched for himself, and knows his stuff - as the Lord says, "those who seek me, find me" -Proverbs 8:17]

and here is the link for U-Turn for Christ in general's web page.
It was started out in California, read about it. You won't be disappointed if you do...
This is the book the founder of U-Turn for Christ wrote - Gerry Brown's testimony


Here is my husband's story, in his own words.
his blog.
He doesn't really keep up with his blog much anymore, but this is where it all started, and he can tell his story better than I could ever put to words.
Roger is on the far right side in the green [lantern] t-shirt.
This was before a trip up to the U-Turn for Christ Pig Pickin in Greenville, TN, at their ranch.


U-Turn is a completely Voluntary program, and you get out of it what you put into it.
You get to know God on a very personal level by cultivating a relationship with Him.
It changes lives.
It changes futures.
There are campuses all over the United States, and some of the past graduates from this program are even heading out into the missions field, reaching out to those in foreign countries who struggle with the same physical vices that they once knew but are now free of.

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  1. I'm so glad your family had a happy ending! Or should I say, a new beginning. :) Love your story!


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