about me

I'm misty.
I'm 33.
I'm a wife, mom, daughter, sister, cousin...

I'm a Christian.

I just finished nursing school in May 2013!!
I'm a nurse.

I was in the ADN program [2 years] to become a RN at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College.
My stomach is stronger than I ever gave it credit for.
Nursing school does require a lot of you (and your time).
It is no joke!
I completely understand ANYONE who is going through nursing school and I will encourage
them in any way that I can.
This blog has been a way for me to document my jouney though nursing school!!
this is my mom and dad with me at my pinning ceremony!!

I live in South Carolina.
Medical missionary work is definitely somthing I'm considering.
My husband can do a little bit of everything.
He started out in plumbing (his dad's business).
He did some commercial electrical work (his brother in law's business).
Now, he's a plumber for a local company and is doing so well!
He once was lost (an atheist) and now, is found (Christian).

He is the man I was made for.
We don't have a perfect relationship, but I will grow old with him.


God knew what I needed in my life more than I did.
He is really cute and has beautiful eyes.
But that's just what I think...


I was hoping Hailee would look more like him - but instead, she looks like an exact version of me.
That's fine too, because she is a beautiful little girl!

I play the guitar and sing.

I used to play piano, but haven't touched one in years.
I cannot stand bugs.
I floss my teeth all the time.
I love to write with different colored sharpie fine point markers.
I love coffee as long as it's before 4:30 pm... {wouldn't want me to turn into a gremlin or anything}
but seriously, The Gremlins have scared me and still scare me to this day.
i WILL NOT watch that movie.

My daughter is the funniest 6 year old.
I could laugh at her all day.
She cannot keep a secret.
She prefers dresses over pants.
She loves to paint, draw, color, use glitter...
She says the funniest things ever.
and She's one smart chick.

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I wasn't even sure if I wanted kids.

She was a surprise.

AGAIN - God knew what I needed in my life more than I did!

I loved school.
It could get a little crazy, but it wasn't that bad.
The people in my class were some of my best friends.
We will ALWAYS remain close just because of the sheer togetherness that was nursing school.
We were around each other non stop.
and I wouldn't change a single thing ;)
I miss them.

I am blogging to remember things.
I am blogging so my daughter can see this if she chooses when she is older.
I am blogging because I love to write.
I am blogging to share all my experiences (adventures) in Nursing School.
if no one reads it - I will still blog.

if you have any other questions...


  1. Loved getting to know your family better....your voice is soooo beautiful!!! I could listen to it all day. Praise God for what God is doing in your lives!

    1. thank you friend!!!
      I can only hope that we spend time with your family in the next year!!
      Roger has been so encouraged by what God is doing in y'alls life!
      It's rare that he has friends from his past going in the same direction.
      I'm hoping we can support you guys as much as we possibly can in the future!

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! it STAYS interesting
      Never a dull moment :)

  3. You have an exquisite voice. Post more videos of you singing!! And send off my package :) And come watch Gremlins with me!!!

  4. I really love your blog! I've actually been accepted into the octech nursing program for this fall. I do have a question about their program, what happens if you get pregnant during the program? do they kick you out of the program or do you get held back a semester if you miss classes?

    1. Hey Robin! Congrats :):) It's a hard program, but a good one. I think it depends on what part of the year your baby will be due. I've known people to start nursing school a week after having a baby, and some that had their baby in the last month of the program, didn't miss much and finished. BUT there were those who got pregnant and postponed semesters. The key is ... communication. You have to talk to your instructors. They need to know when important life events happen/will happen. Usually they are very good about working with you and are super understanding. Let me know if you have any other questions!


say it with a smile.

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