Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gat DAWG!!

(said in the true southern dialect as my father)

Why yes, yes it has been almost 4 months since I've been able to think up something to write on here.

I hate summer.

Like, I love my state and all, don't get me wrong, I'm 100% South Carolina, but
Humidity + so so many hot hot days + driving from patient to patient in and out of the hot car...
all the while battling boob sweat and arm pit sweat (barf, I know, TMI)
then, having to put on a freaking bathing suit (umm, one of those mom skirt things) for the times when I braved the swimming pool...
Suffocating every.single.time I got in the car - because my Toyota Corolla takes a minute to cool off (and go fast on the interstate).

I hate summer.

But Fall.....
my sweet, sweet love! has returned.

Yeah, good ole South Carolina tends to have milder fall/winters, but still, I'm good with 60 and 70 degree days.
Better than good.
and SINCE it turned fall - oh, three days ago, but who's counting - and its been a rainy, dreary, wet, cool couple of days (LOVIN IT HERE).
 I'm feelin fall, Y'all.

It's all coming back. (all coming back to me now)
Hailee out of Kindergarten.
Roger decided to not work through the summer so he could stay home with Hailee more and allow me to have my crazy hours.
Because even though Hospice is not 12 hour shifts in a hospital, as I have told ya before, I get the PRIVILEGE to be with families through their most vulnerable times, and y'all - those times don't always fall between 8:30 am and 5 pm.
Fo Real (Hailee's new favorite statement)

So, with Roger more available, it helped us to not have to pay the UnGodly daycare fees of having our 6 year old at daycare throughout the summer and gave them some precious needed time together - because that girl thinks her Daddy hung the moon or something.
I know. Totally have no idea what she sees.... ( I KIDD!!!)

But Fo Real.
He's easing back into the workin man thing (part time - as our schedule allows it) and SUMMER is OVER - Hallelujah!
Praise the Lord, Amen!!

Because I love fall.
and the colors of fall (I fought the urge to buy a HUGE potted mum at the grocery store yesterday)
because Mums scream FALL.
and Fall is HERE!!

Hailee lost her 5th tooth today..
I had NO idea how loose it really was...
I've pulled (all) her last 4 teeth - despite screaming and kicking and protests the whole way - up until the joyous gleeful cries of "I LOST MY TOOFFFF!!!!"
So, pretty sure she didn't want to tell me her tooth was loose enough to come out - a cupcake at a birthday party today finally did her in - and NURSE MOM YANKED THAT DANG TOOTH OUT!!!
5-0 baby!

Yall, She's growing up so fast.
1st grade.
and the little miss priss holds her pencil the exact same way I do (a very, very wrong way they tried to correct when I was younger.)
And her 1st grade teacher, bless her heart, sent home a letter about the correct way to hold your pencil. Well, Dangit If I didn't tell Hailee to do what feels most comfortable.
(and I even told her to tell her teacher I did the same thing and that she had my permission to hold her pencil that way ((a nicer version is typed here))
No Matter what they did to try and "correct" the way I held my pencil, I always brought it back to MY way.
and WELL, as it seems like I've literally spit my child out (in every single way possible), I foresee she will continue holding her pencil the same way I do.
I have neat handwriting, if I don't say so myself ;)
pick your battles, Mrs. 1stGrade.

So my Sister/Brother in law and their family have been in the process of moving across country this week - and I cannot thank y'all enough for all the pictures (I know they're not just for us ;) and I'm trying to be on here more for them too.
Thank you Jesus for the internet and technology and the way it's so easy to connect with people because I have to say this - it's been hard on all of us.
But what an awesome adventure!
To move across the country and for my nieces and nephew to be able to see so many things along the way (and swim in hotel pools that must be simply amazing, Matthew..) I want to live vicariously through every bit of it!!
I wish we were with y'all.

Maybe one day ;)

But until then, I'm going to try to be on here more.
and the change of seasons will totally help that, I'm sure.
because this whole season (summer) has been so lacking of inspiration.
and I've been working my hind end off without much time to spare.
but I love writing.

one of my new favorite covers - Michael Jackson's Billie Jean...

and we all know music is such a huge part of who I am.
Some new favorite songs...

I can't lie - I jam out to these on the regular.

LP - muddy waters

Troye Sivan - WILD

Phantogram - Fall in Love

Mapei - Don't Wait

I love fall.


  1. New season new beginning! Fall is my favorite too! :)

  2. New season new beginning! Fall is my favorite too! :)

  3. I LOVE Fall too! Although we don't get the pleasure of the 60s and 70s, I'll take the low 80s and overcast with a light breeze. I can't wait for the cool weather where I can wear boots and a scarf and maybe even a little cute hat of some kind! I am happy when it's cooler weather, not as run down or dragging, I have a lil pep in my step! Lol. I have missed your Blogs and happy to see that you all are ok there in SC. Xoxoxoxo


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