Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Into November.



Please, pardon my lack of presence around these parts here, lately...
There's not one single thing I can blame it on except...
life has been in full swing.
The house is a constant whirlwind of activity (just the way I like it).
Coming and going.
Night shift vs day shift.
dinners, dirty dishes, dirty laundry,
DUST - dust everywhere - I mean REALLY!!??!! how do we make so much dust??!!
Sleeping at all hours of the day (you'd think I was depressed or something - so totally NOT the case).
Running BACK to the store for the 2+ things that I forgot that dinner absolutely couldn't do without...

Paying bills.
Anticipating future bills (of the medical persuasion due to a freak case of the hives Hailee recently had that hung around for about 6 of the LONGEST days EVER)

Never mind the fact that while all this was going on, we had also made an appointment to get the cat spayed.
We get her home with all of her discharge instructions -
14 days of rest and confinement - all while wearing a goofy inflatable collar, since she kept getting out of the cone thing...
anywho.. kitty momo (my special name for her that has since became her name ((instead of ASHE my hubs name he picked out)) i got the name from phineas and ferb's ducky momo)
she RIPPED out 3 of her stitches - twice - which ended up landing her back at the animal hospital for a 10 day stay because of wound dehiscience, and all together kitty noncompliance... (like my nurse terms there?? ;)}
Kitty is home.
Kitty is healed.
thank you jesus!!!
and back to normal chasing string and trying to climb up into our faces every waking minute.

I read the whole Divergent Trilogy in less than a week.
The last part of the last book - sheer disappointment and UTTER let down.
Then, of course, I had to see the movie.
In the books and movie - I'm LESS than impressed at the guy who plays Four.
Eyes are my thing and HIS just - weren't.....
I was hoping for BLUE, STRIKING, wow, but ... no.
Strange, I know, but eyes are intense!!!!
I love eyes.
They get me every time.
As Christopher Walken says in my most favorite SNL skit - "the eyes are the windows of YOUR FACE!!"

Watch Googly Eyes Gardener from Saturday Night Live on NBC.com

LET'S not fail to mention the freak snowstorm that blew through the day after Halloween -
wake up from candy comas to 4.5 inches of snow.
with the FATTEST, juiciest snowflakes swirling through the air - leaving us in a perpetual real life snow globe.
and I have to admit - at first, I was PISSED Roger woke me up just to "look out the window"
UGH. I could have killed him.
the early riser.
We are breaking records.
AND, the beautiful maple tree in our front yard - the one whose leaves were JUST starting to display fall colors - reds/oranges/yellows/golds SPLIT in half (and more) under the weight of all the heavy snow coating the not yet fallen leaves.
I'll bet the homeowner's Association LOVES the way that poor tree looks now.
I'm expecting a notice from them Any Day...

SO, there's no easy or subtle way to announce this next one -
I'm transitioning from ortho/trauma nurse in the hospital  - 12+ hour NIGHT shifts - to a home Hospice nurse.
It's such a huge jump from one extreme to the other.
They just Offered me a Full time position with Agape Hospice!!!!!!!
So for the next month, I'll be working out my last 4 weeks at the hospital and PRN with Hospice trying to get oriented to everything new.
I'm really gonna miss everyone at the hospital. I've made some really awesome friends along the way. Hate to leave them all.

Rogers on call tonight.
Its been just Hailee and I all day.
And this momma is ready for bed.
So, goodnight.

a new favorite

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  1. Happy November! Agreeing with you totally about Divergent - Four was not properly cast :(


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