Tuesday, September 23, 2014

perfect start to a perfect season.

guess what today is??
mmmm... try the 1st day of fall.

and Oh. My. Gracious.
I could just soak this perfect day up through all of my pores!
I could inhale it into my lungs and savor all the sweetness of this crisp, grey day.
With just the right amount of cloud cover and a cool breeze wafting my apple pumpkin wax melt's scent through the house.
Because the windows are wide open.
All of them [with screens].
And it has not even hit 70 degrees yet.
I've been cleaning on and off today - alternating between enjoying being off work, stripping the beds, putting away dishes, relishing the silence that isn't as common round here with Hailee's non stop chatter.

I was beginning to think summer would last forever.
And here in the south, summer usually does hang around until just about winter.
The LONG, hot  days swollen and sticky with the damp heat of humidity - hanging constantly in the air like a blanket of moisture.
Thick and suffocating.
Jettisoning the heat index up way past what the temperature really is..
The gnats annoying buzz humming around your head from the moment you step out of your door - some of the tiny insects even making it into the car - hovering near the windows, trying to get back out to the warm summer air.
Summer has worn out its welcome.
I've desperately been anticipating autumn's arrival.
I can hear the leaves rustling in the wind outside as I type this.

I saw the first brown, crinkled leaf on my porch yesterday afternoon.
Oh, the signs of the seasons to come.
Roger got excited last weekend and got a few Halloween movies and about 5 bags of Halloween candy. Just when I'm about to start this whole Beachbody mess too...
He's mean.
It's just plain ridiculous the amount of candy that's in our home - more than there has been since last October...
Good thing sweets aren't my weakness.
I'm more of a Cheetos kind of girl.
But candy doesn't stand a chance when Roger and Hailee are around :)

Oh, October.
You're SO CLOSE!!!
....S I G H....
breathe it in, hold the cool air in your lungs, then exhale.
So nice. 

The colors of fall are so rich.
So bold.
So fiery.
Some of my fave finds from pinterest:

I mean really.
Who can resist fall's gentle tug as you pull on your light jacket?
The shorter, cooler days.
The changing colors.
I love it. All of it.

                                                            ^^ hailee took this one^^

Happy Fall Y'all.


  1. I feel you completely. I love summer, but I'm ready for fall and I was very happy when it wasn't 91 degrees today. Thanks for helping me get more excited for what's to come :)

    1. Hey Devon! I was just thinking about you and y'all's California endless summers. I am LOVING our temps in the 60's & 70's. Just hoping it stays like this. SC weather can be so crazy sometimes.


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