Sunday, August 10, 2014

Social Media Sunday

To post or not to post...
And even after asking that question - how much to post?
to put out there - and just how personal do you want to get with it?
Who reads it?
Is there any room for misinterpretation?
Would you even say what you posted to people's faces?

At first, I started blogging to remember all the things that came with being a new mother. Because in the whole sleep deprived mommy mind, those days can pass in such a blur. And then all you're left with are some fuzzy memories of trying to figure out what exactly her cries meant, when exactly did she move from one baby stage to another, milk and baby food stained burp cloths and a phone/camera full of pictures of the rapidly changing baby face that you would intently try to study and memorize as a brand new mother.
That is, only really being able to record these things during nap time. And when you have a baby that didn't believe in naps (like Hailee) you get the picture...

THEN, there was my transition into full time student in a very hard nursing program.
And 2 years later, the completion of that program and the jump to a baby RN.
And can you believe I've been a nurse for over a year now?? I CAN'T!!
I've also been a nurse preceptor to some of the newer nurses to our unit and now I'm being eased into the position of charge nurse (of course not without a lot of kicking and screaming on my part).
So, there's that.

Social media is still relatively new.
I've been out of high school for 15 years now.
When I was in high school, cell phones were few and far between.
And they were Gigantic!
And forget about all the websites like MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.... because there was nothing of the sort.
We had real friends.
Not just people to add to a list of friends.
And we wrote our friends letters.
Passed notes in class.
We talked and called each other on the phone. We didn't have text messaging.
But hey, that's just me.
AND, I'm sure there are A LOT of people who can relate to my own teenage years.

Then, social media popped onto the scene.
You can be "friends" with anyone that accepts your friend requests.
You can peek into someone else's life - yet not quite know them... Only the parts they pick and choose to put out there on the internet.
You can argue and debate with people from behind the safety of your computer/phone/tablet screen - sometimes even anonymously.

Has the 1st generation of social media babies grown up yet?
The ones who have had their birth pictures, first steps, first words, adventures in potty training, blah blah blah posted and uploaded to the internet for all to see and for anyone to be able to find?
How do THEY feel about that?
Not even given the choice of how much of their lives they've wanted exposed to the internet.

Not everyone wants or has social media accounts.
Not everyone cares about the every day comings and goings of their "friends" or even just random people they meet once then share their whole lives with through barrages of posts and pictures.
My husband is one of these people and social media has always been a sensitive subject in our household.
Yes - he has Facebook but only really uses it to keep up with his real friends and family (and to see what I put out there, of course). He puts more of his time into cultivating those real relationships. He puts less of our lives out there for all to witness. And he's less than impressed at some of the things I put out there. It has caused me to reevaluate social media and to think about the "Why's" of it all.

Why am I "friends" with people I've never even been real friends with??
Is it a curiosity thing?
Another blogger I love to keep up with is in the same situation with her husband, who equates social media with vanity. Amy puts it best HERE.
Look at Me and My life.
See all of these good things??
Because I'm not going to show you all of the bad that is most definitely there...

I'm staying away from putting so much on Facebook. I've even backed away from blogging a bit. But I love to write and I've developed some great friendships through the blogging community. They can be super encouraging, supportive and inspiring.
I've even perused through my cell phone pictures, noticing that I haven't been taking as many pictures lately. Maybe it's just the lazy days of summer - those sweltering temperatures and relentless gnats that keep us from crossing the threshold of our cool home into the back or front yards.
Nonetheless, fall is coming!
And I'm gonna be one of the first to welcome it with open arms, open windows and more outdoor pictures.
I'm gonna try to be less present on Facebook and more engaged in the life happening in real time all around me. What a concept, huh??
But I still love keeping up with everyone who shares their talents of writing and photography on here and through instagram!

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