Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Life lately.

Can you believe it??
2 posts in one week.
Or maybe one that some of you know about.
[sneaky me!]
Either way, it's more action from me than normal here recently.
This one is called Life lately and it's in response to Courtney's post over at Bowdenisms.


without further adeu, I bring you....
life, lately.

Making: slow progress on the house (see previous post for pics and more details on that one). There is still a looooong list of things that need to be done around here but its feeling more and more like "home". I have to admit that I'm still having to pinch myself at times - we bought our first house - it's ours - the morgage bill that comes every month totally solidifies it (as does the $100 extra we pay on the principle every month so it can be paid off in 17ish years.

Drinking: coffee.
lots and lots of coffee. Oh, the life of a night shift nurse. Coffee in the morning, coffee in the evening, coffee all through the day... On the mornings I take Hailee to school and don't have to work that night, getting back to the house by 7:30 am gives me TONS of time to get things done.

Cooking: We have several meals we stick pretty closely to - and occasionally, I throw in a few dishes Roger and I enjoy. Some of the things are on my family's favorite recipe page. Spaghetti, pork chops (or chicken) baked in Dale's Seasoning sauce, breakfast is a favorite, crock pot stuff, and now that it's (hopefully soon) going to be getting cooler out, Zuppa Toscana!!

Reading: Wally Lamb's I Know This Much Is True (still). Y'ALL!! It's a huge book - 928 pages - and I'm half way through. It's more of a bubble bath read since there's not much time for it otherwise. AND, studying Matthew 5 - 7; Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Our women's bible study group at church wrapped this up over the spring and I was only able to get to a few of them. Afterward, I want to get the She Reads Truth study through the same thing and just go back over it with another person's perspective.

Wanting: to be able to be there for my family in the day time. To not have to have a full day away from them to recover from working as a night shift nurse. Basically, I want a day job that's not 12+ hours a day and where I can still use all the great nursing skills I've acquired over the last few years with school and my work on the ortho / trauma unit at the hospital. I LOVE my job and I LOVE my co-workers but I need to put my family first.

Looking: for all things that have to do with fall. It's my favorite season of all for many reasons. Everything about it is crisp and lovely.

Playing: mine craft with fold-able paper toys. Can I tell you just how insanely crazy Hailee is with this game? Her and Roger play it on the computer together too. I was down stairs one night listening to them play when Hailee started screaming bloody murder, "DADDY, HELP, A SPIDER!!!!!" For all I thought, there was a huge, scary spider somewhere near her in the guest room. Nope. It was in the game and she freaked out, ran into the office with Roger because she didn't know how to kill it before it killed her.

Wasting: time on Pinterest pinning random stuff... just like everyone else in the world.

Wishing: the garage was cleared out and the electric garage door opener was installed so I can park in there.

Enjoying: taking pictures with my big girl camera and learning more things about it. It's a Canon Rebel T3 and I love it!!

Waiting: on my husband to get home on the nights I have to leave for work at 6 pm is extremely stressful for me - especially this week when my mom and dad are not available (same with next week).

Liking: that it's starting to get dark earlier. Did I mention how much I love fall?? Because I love it.

Wondering: where the time has gone. Has it really been 5 years since our little surprise baby showed up on the scene? and also wondering what goes on in that active, highly imaginative mind of her - I ask what she's thinking about all the time and get the answer, "fairies and princesses"

Loving: this breezy weather BUT wishing the temperatures were 15 - 20 degrees cooler.

Hoping: the greek dressing I'm marinading the chicken for tonight's dinner comes out of the shirt I squirted it all over and that it doesn't leave splotchy oil stains. I REALLY need to learn not to cook in my favorite T-shirts. I've already ruined so many of them. (and just in case you were wondering because I wrote this all out last night, the stains did not come out  : (

Marveling: at how amazing it is that my job allows me to make a difference in someone's (or 4-5 someone's) life every time I go to work. It really is a priceless to me when there is something I can do for another person that helps them along their journey to recovery. We may not even remember each other weeks or months from then, but in that moment, they have all of me.

Needing: to sleep some more in preparation for tonight's shift at work.

Smelling: the Thankful Harvest wax melts that I have burning in the kitchen.

Wearing: a T-shirt and pair of black scrub pants. I love that I get to wear pajamas to work. BUT, my wardrobe is pretty limited when it comes to nicer things since all I have to wear to work is scrubs. Double edged sword, huh.

Following: all the ALS videos but not doing the ice water thing myself (since it really has nothing to do with the disease). Instead, as a nurse, I want to focus more on educating people about this horrible, fatal, imprisonment of a disease for which there is no cure. Anna wrote something here that I loved. I'm glad for all the light that is being shed on ALS through these videos but its more important to know what it's about.

Noticing: that we need to hang more stuff on the walls. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one for clutter but bare walls are just crying for some decorating tips. My husbad is the chief picture | mirror | sconce | curtain rod hanger in this household. Who am I kidding? he does it all: plumbing, electrical, fan hanging, painting, light fixture changing, grill master, bug killer... I think I'll keep him around.

Knowing: that I need to make more time available for God and other areas of my life will flow better.

Thinking: this is a really cool kitten. She pretty much lets Hailee play with her and carry her around whenever and wherever. And she loves to cuddle (I'm so not a cat person, but Ashe is all right).

Bookmarking: anything and everything having to do with fall, the home and new recipes to try that my "keep-it-simple-keep-it-the-same" 5 year old would eat.

Opening: my Bible more

Giggling: at Hailee as she chases around Ashe with her remote control LaLa Loopsie car

Feeling: so ready for this new season in more ways than one!!

a song I'm pretty into right now:


  1. I recommend dollar stores for wall knick-knacks and decor...you'd be surprised at how much cute stuff you can find!

    1. I'll probably do that for some things. I've seen lots of Pinterest dollar store DIY's for decorating. Just gotta get out there & look.


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