Sunday, August 24, 2014

home sweet home.

I've never done this before because:
a) my house isn't usually this clean
b) we are still trying to make it our own
c) there is still a lot of work for us to do
d) I know nothing about decorating

but here is some of our home.

I had been looking for an entryway table that would be the right size.
Recently, my grandmother sold the lake home that had been in our family for many many years.
We were all going up and getting some of the furniture out to help her move.
This old sewing machine table was exactly the right size.
Now, I just need something to go on the wall above it...

the gym:
I'll be here bright and early in the morning.
it's SOOOO convenient!!

Right now in the "formal" dining room, there's a Dr. Who puzzle spread across my table.
(And most of the chairs are up in Hailee's room - see last picture on this post...)

an old entertainment center serves as a sideboard/buffet that we will eventually get.

Living room.
Decorations needed.
and updated furniture for some time in the future...

one of the old end tables from the lake place

Dining room.
Table that's been in the family for 75 years.
Wall art from The World Market and The Shabby Shak (etsy store) both of which many other things are going to come from.


Guest room.
For one guest ;)

and finally, at the moment, all of the chairs, sheets, blankets are making a fort that encompasses Hailee's entire room.

Now it's time to get this little one in the bath and ready for bed since 6 AM comes early.


  1. Beautiful! I like all of the colors.

    1. Thanks Robin! We still have tons of painting to do - another reason why there's not a lot on the walls.

  2. I love the perfect sized sewing machine table, gym, and large clock on the wall (we have the same exact one). Beautiful and spacious :-)

    1. Hey Rachel!! I wish someone could come pick out everything else for the walls. It takes me forever to make decisions!!


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