Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Show Your Real.

Show your real is a series that Courtney over at Bowdenisms came up with that I really enjoy reading.
it's real y'all.

[and other ramblings]

Summer is not my favorite.
It's July, I know. I know.
Lazy days of summer.
More like humid, melt your face off, blast the AC or else...
I could really do without the 90something degree days.
One thing I do enjoy - summer thunder storms.
I could watch them Blow in all day long.

plus, it gives me an excuse to check my Dopler Radar.
BUT FOR REAL... I cannot wait until fall rolls around again.
Granted, I'm a night shift nurse and see more evening hours than I do daytime hours.
And y'all - it's getting harder to be a night owl.
I'm like a yo-yo. 
At night, I nurse my little heart out.
Then I come home and sleep all day.
And there's the family that I have to be present for during the other daylight hours.
Bouncing back and forth is getting exhausting.
I don't know how those super nurses do the whole swing shift thing [Get it JJ!!] because I can't.
There are days when I don't see or talk to my husband for like 2 day stretches.
That can't be good.
Well... I guess it keeps us out of each others' hair for just a little while.
But it's not just him.
There's Hailee too.
And she starts kindergarten in August.
Things are really gonna be different around here.

Right now, Roger is down stairs acting all ridiculous because he's watching some FIFA world cup soccer game.
and I'm all... Seriously??!! 
In the 8 years that I've been with you, suddenly soccer has become SUCH an important thing.
Oh, wait. FOOTBALL. real football.
Idon'teven... um.. what??
I guess Germany scored or something.

Back to Hailee
She is going through a Whiny phase.
A nasally, whiny, drag sharp nails down a chalkboard, PULL YOUR HAIR OUT phase that is teaching me to watch my tone around her.
Oh, there are times I yell and lose it {in fact, that's most times - mom of the year award here, folks...} but Geez, I gotta try harder to keep my composure.
Whining is the most annoying sound to come forth from her beautiful sweet lips and I'm really hoping she gets past this quickly.
Its showing me just how little patience I have.
Not good y'all. It's hard!

Our family grew by 2 paws recently.
Meet Ash.

I'm not a cat person.
Never have been - but this kitty - she's so good!
For the most part, she is out of sight - like under the couch.
Then when she comes out, she purrs and wraps her furry little body around our arms/legs/faces then disappears back under the couch.
She does great in the house and doesn't try to keep us all awake when it's bedtime.
It almost seems too good to be true...
Still not much of a cat person.
Roger promised to do all the litter box stuff.
Because I'm not gonna.
I won't.
That's just gross.

Last book I read: The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd.
She writes so beautifully!
LOVE her stuff.
Now I need another to dive into.
I've picked up a Wally Lamb: I Know This Much is True, and it's been harder to get into.

I made it through my first Month long photo challenge on Instagram last month.
It was pretty fun.
There is one for July with Postcards From Rachel, but I'm not as On It with this one..
There's been a lot of double posting and playing catch up on this one.
I mean really, it's even been a month since I've been on here...

I found a fun new app to play with.

It's fun and pretty easy to figure out!
Just a few things I've made with it..

Oh, YEP! That's my new Erin Condren life planner for 2015.
The one I currently have goes through December of this year, so I have the new one starting in January.
The awesome thing about the Planners this year??
You can change the covers!! They just snap on and off the coils.
I'm probably gonna get a few more of the covers then change them out as the mood strikes me ;)
LOVE my Life Planner.

And just like that, it's dinner time.
Now, I gotta go delve into some raw chicken meat, cut it up into bite sized pieces and cook it in the awesome sweet and sour sauce Kikkoman makes and call it a meal.


  1. Ash is so cute!

    1. Thanks, friend!!
      By the way.. She just pooped on the guest bed & is now being punished in her room :/
      How are you guys??!! Hope all is well.

  2. I've been meaning to read The Mermaid Chair. I love Sue Monk Kidd's writing style, but I wasn't sure I could get down with the character. I'll have to at least try it. I already have the book, after all (that, and the whole mermaid thing).

    I enjoyed looking through your pictures of summer days. Everyone does summer their own way and I like that. Those tomatoes are looking good. Hope you have a nice rest of the weekend, Misty!

    1. Hey Devon! The Mermaid Chair was great & it's been sitting on my shelf forever too! The tomatoes have been so good knowing they came fresh out the back yard ;) they taste a little better because of it!! Hope y'all's summer is going fabulously! I always look forward to your posts.


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