Sunday, June 15, 2014


Today was Father's Day, yes, but today was also just another day.
Roger woke us up before 7:00 am.
I mean, who does that??!! I was most certainly NOT ready to wake up just to get Hailee dressed so they could leave to go see his father.
I was probably awakened from some dream..
I'm sure it was a pretty nice dream but I cannot remember for the life of me what it was about.
Savoring the soft comfiness of my bed and my pillow, the amazing maroon sheets with the oh-so-high cotton count..
Blinded temporarily by the lights he switched on and off trying to find various things that are always right in front of his face, yet just out of his line of sight.
Not quite able to keep up with his rapid fire questions and conversation because obviously, I was still in the sleepy dreamlike state.
The room was still pleasantly dark, thanks to the eclipse panels and awesome tinting job I did with my window tinting kit I got from Lowe's.
You get the picture: I was not ready to pop out of bed and greet the morning quite as eagerly as HE did.
But I figured, Hey, It's Father's Day, help the guy out a little ;)
Waking Hailee up was not nearly as hard as it usually was because she was so excited about giving him the Father's Day card and gift she made him.
Oh, that awesome card...
It consisted of this: a piece of scrapbook paper, lots of different stickers, fine point sharpie marker drawings of many different things and the words scrawled in her own 5 year old handwriting, "more images", which was supposed to actually say, "Winnie the Pooh".
My bad!! So originally she wanted to draw winnie the pooh and have me write the words, but since I already had the pictures pulled up on Google, I told her, THERE!! That is how you spell Winnie The Pooh - but apparently she was looking a line below those words..
I laughed so hard I nearly cried.
She was so angry with me.
But I told her it would probably be Dad's favorite part of the card.
and undoubtedly, it was.
and this morning again, I nearly laughed till I cried at those words she wrote...
And I totally left out all the parts about my 5 year old somehow getting super glue stuck to her fingers & toes. Only hailee...

house to myself: hour on the treadmill with my spotify workout mix, 20 minute blogilates workout, shower, 2 loads of laundry, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, vacuumed, swept, counter tops cleaned, then they got home.

We played in the back yard in our inflatable pool and slip-and-slide.
We soaked up the sun and browned in the warm, golden afternoon.
I stayed in the pool trying to shoo away the huge dragon fly that had his eye(s) on the sparkling blue water [churning up the bits of grass and dirt that were brought in from tiny 5 year old feet going back and forth from pool to slip-and-slide].
The grill master did up some steaks on the grill.
He messed up his goatee with the razor kit I got him, ended up shaving his whole dang face, and was a little aggravated at me for making his razor mess up on his face because he was holding it wrong.
It looks good, really.
He looks different, younger, but his paranoia is unfounded.
A hairless face isn't necessarily the end of the world, end of the goatee for a while maybe, but it's not bad.

The littlest one is finally in bed - but not without all the normal night time stallings and just-a-little-longers.
I ordered my next ErinCondren lifeplanner since they just launched the new ones a few days ago.
If you want one for $10 off, use this code for first time planner addicts err, customers:
Roger and I are both soon to follow suit since tomorrow is Monday and an early morning for all of us.
I'm about to take my second shower because I smell like Coppertone and can feel it still coated on my skin - hey, at least we know it stays on!

Hopefully the sun she got today will make her tired enough to drift off quickly...
Hope all those fathers out there had such a nice Father's Day :)

my baby daddy::

and my daddy!!


  1. More images, ha! That's a keeper for sure.

    1. Oh it will most definitely go in the "things to keep" pile ;) loved all your gorgeous surf pics on the last post! Oh, and BE CAREFUL on that skateboard!!!


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