Monday, May 5, 2014

happy nurses week!

Linking up on this medical monday

Ok, first, I gotta say...

sorry. it's been a month, I know.
But as a nurse, wife, mom, new home owner, blah blah blah, the days all get so jumbled together and snowball faster and faster down that proverbial hill known as time.
Blogging has not been up so high on my list of priorities.

and what I'd like to talk to you about today is my job.
For those that don't know, I'm a nurse.
about this time last year, my very last semester of nursing school was winding down, and we were all getting ready to take our NCLEX license exams.
Or maybe better yet, we were all freaking out about this big, huge, scary test that could either deem us a Nurse, or tell us we were unsuitable to practice as a prudent nurse.
A post from last year describes it best HERE.

It's been a year.
And in that year, I've learned SO MUCH.

It just so happens...
this week is "nurses week!"

So, to celebrate, here are some fun little words and pictures that make this job worth it.

and a year into this amazing adventure, I can honestly say:

because really... this is one of the main reasons.

and y'all, I've got stories ;)
and it's only the beginning!!

preach Maya...

Even Mona Lisa shows nursing in all of its fabulousness...

and even when we've done all we can possibly do, 
we never stop saying

because there's nothing more rewarding than being a part of someone else's life

Ok, I'm at that part where I have to break it down for you.
The good, the bad and the not so sane moments are also plentiful...
and there is always someone there to experience these moments with.
I LOVE my 8 West ortho/trauma family and all the crazy times we've shared.

we tell jokes...

we have 3 day weeks!

and in our career, Monday can fall on any given day of the week!
if you can even keep straight what day of the week it is....

we don't say the "Q" word.

because when we do, and the shift has conveniently enough gone as smooth as it could, 
it's about time to go and then the witching hour strikes....
and the ED is deciding to send that patient that has been occupying a bed in their hallway 
since the beginning of their shift up to your floor...

we are the poop patrol.
farting is good, but pooping is golden!!
And i'd like to thank the day shift nurses for loading all the patients up with laxatives to make the
night shifts extra special ;)

and there are those special patients that everyone working on the floor must rotate through the care of at least ONE time...
mine just so happened to be on one of my last shifts...

and just because you get report from the day shift nurse saying what a sweet person the pt was, 
doesn't always mean this will be the case on the night time.
because when the sun goes down....
[sundowner's syndrome is a REAL thing]

and honestly, there isn't really a way to compare what we do with other careers.
My husband's a plumber, I know this because I cannot even try to explain my nights to him.
Because he works hard too ;)

and being that my coworkers and I are a BUNCH of new grads, this rings true so much more now than ever...
but that can be our little secret ;)

and on our floor,

and somebody, PLEASE get me this to put on the little window next to my door...

but really...

and this is truer than anything else...

So, in conclusion, I'd like to wish all of my fellow nurses a very happy nurses week!
Keepin it real y'all!!


  1. Thanks for linking up with us for Medical Monday!!! Love this post and all the graphics!

  2. These memes make up for the absence:-) Thanks for linking up with MM.

  3. Loved this, and loved reading your flashback post. I'm there now. With pregnancy brain! Pray for me please. :) And I want to thank you for the advice you gave me toward the end of last Fall Semester. It helped immensely.


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