Wednesday, April 2, 2014

the difficult kind.

Oh we all know them.
Or at least one of them.
Maybe even some of them [a bunch of them].

They are the ones that make you roll your eyes.
You cringe, knowing what awaits you upon answering their call.
The very idea of investing your time in their presence, which is precious and hard enough to hold onto, is difficult.

They are the ones that are never pleased.
No matter how much you smile, no matter how often you offer your ear to listen, no matter the way you would practically bend over backwards to make them comfortable.
Even the smallest gesture goes unnoticed and is practically unwelcome anyway.

They are the ones that make even the sweetest words taste sour upon exiting your lips.
And what's worse is that they can draw you into their bubbles of dissatisfaction because negativity feeds on itself.
And it multiplies exponentially in the presence of other pessimists.
Bitterness hangs in the air; thick and awkwardly blanketing everyone around.

Oh but to break that cycle...
To quiet the inner turmoil that spins it's webs of discontent...
To realize that you don't have to be sucked into their dark hole.

From the outside, it's exhausting to deal with these people.
The difficult kind.
But you know what?
We don't know what is going on within them.
of what demons they're wrestling with.
of what is holding them captive.
of the pain that is sometimes unrelenting.
And it's not our place to offer them solutions.
It's not my place to fix their problems.

So instead, I won't jump to conclusions.
I won't pre-judge their moodiness.
I can't promise I'll be able to hold onto the sigh that wants to slip out at the mention of their name, but I can try to catch it before it escapes.
I will still love my job.
I still want to take care of them, no matter how difficult.
I won't stop trying to meet their needs nor will I ignore their calls.
I'm a nurse. It's what I do.
and difficult people are everywhere.

and maybe, just maybe showing gratitude is a difficult thing for them.
I cannot hold it against them.

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