Wednesday, April 9, 2014

thankful things

Sometimes, words are just too much.
I've got a lot to be thankful for.

a new smaller table for our breakfast area 

a healthy 5 year old at her well check - NO SHOTS THIS TIME!!! 

the wind in her hair 

catching up on paper media 

a bag of Irmo's finest ;) Loveland Coffee 

the sun on my face as it pours in through the back patio in the mornings 

this stuff for sore muscles - no one said being a nurse was easy

a tiger nose drawn on with yellow sharpie the morning her class went to the circus 
{which I didn't notice till she got home}

upon entering our world 

bashful smiles while all attention is on her

new growth 

my seeds of hope triple wrap bracelet 

for a minute, these feet were still 

wishing on dandelions

and Him.
Oh, him - my love.
my partner.
the one who begs me to watch scary movies with him.
he's got jokes y'all.
and a killer smile.

8 years together.
the first 4 were rocky, crazy, tumultuous, disastrous...
now, married for 4 
still learning, still growing
still leaning in toward each other...
happy anniversary babe!
here's to many many more glorious years on this adventure with you.


  1. YOU THREE!!! Could you possibly be more adorable? I think not. Send me some coffee too :) hehe

  2. The best most precious blogs ever. Enjoy them so much. Getting a little peek into your world, and a fine worlds it is!!


say it with a smile.

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