Sunday, March 9, 2014

winter is almost over.

we're saving daylight today.
And by that, I mean we lost an hour of sleep last night.
And by that, you get the picture that it was daylight savings last night.
any way you look at it, it means spring is soon to follow.
And we slept pretty late this morning.
*spring begins next week for those of you who don't know*

We've spent the last 2 days soaking up these 70+ degree days.
Windows open, sun on white skin that's been in hiding for far too long, working in the yard, cleaning and unpacking more boxes [we're getting there...] there is just so much to be done still.
I want to really enjoy this day because the next 3(ish) I'll be a vampire.
The night shift on the ortho/trauma floor is claiming my next 3 evenings.
I usually am not a fan of the 3 in a row nights - because it actually turns into 4 what with the recovery period the day following the 3rd night - and I feel like I don't even get to see my family for those days.
But there is a good reason for this ;)

I did it because I needed off this coming weekend for our church's women's retreat. Its gonna be a good one! AND as an added bonus: I was asked to help on the worship team (guitar/vocals) for the retreat!! I cannot even begin to tell you how I've missed being a part of worship and how much this opportunity is going to bless me. So yeah, this week is going to be a busy one.

Thankful Things:

The exciting thing about being a home owner is getting to make a place your own.
We have already done so much: painting, replacing toilets, new light fixtures/fans, decorating, hanging things on the walls, arranging things, then rearranging them again... figuring out what goes where. And that's just the stuff on the inside. We had the house pressure washed yesterday and now, the white areas look dazzling! And oh the plans we have for the yard... all in good time. But it's hard not to just jump in and do it all - even though it can get overwhelming at times.
The downside: it can get rather expensive.


  1. I do envy home-owners for that reason - being able to do what you want to the place, without having to get a landlord's permission. Renting does free you from paying for repairs, but I would enjoy being able to paint or bring home another dog without having to ask!

    1. Hey Robin!! thinking about you friend!! Yes, it's nice to make it our own, and even nicer that my hubs can do it all with all his work experience!! hope you are well!


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