Monday, March 17, 2014


why is it so hard for me to acknowledge?
it's like time is spinning out of control, leading us careening through uncharted territories.
rushing through the milestones as she grows.
my heart doesn't want to see it, but my eyes cannot deny the fact that my baby girl isn't a baby anymore.
she's growing and changing more every day.

on the last day of this month, she will be 5.
as she would tell you, her birthday is March Firty First.
TH is still a bit tricky for her to pronounce.
and y'all, she's a smart one!
it makes me laugh [on the inside, because you dare not laugh out loud at her or she would scowl] when she tries to use big words in sentences that don't quite fit.
she's learning how to express herself.
she is head strong and already has a will of steel.
i already foresee challenging times ahead with this one...

i'll be registering her for kindergarten soon. very soon.
see, the thing about time is it doesn't stop.
it only seems to go faster with every passing year.

just yesterday, we were sitting around enjoying a lazy rainy sunday and the thing i longed for the most was
because rarely is she every quiet.
when she's not asking her normal barrage of questions, she's either singing or making some sort of noise.
you see, quiet is kinda hard to come by in this household.
ans as it turns out, its REALLY hard to explain some of the simplest things.

WHY, she asks.
she won't take these answers as readily any more:
"because it does"
"because that's how it was made"
"i don't know - it just is"

i love every ounce of her.
she will always be my baby.
but try explaining that to an almost 5 year old who reminds you:
i'm not a baby anymore mom.

a beautiful little lady.


  1. Your daughter and my daughter are almost 1 month apart - year as well.... my baby girl turns 5 in a months time - exactly actually.... and she's begun the count down. EVERYDAY she will ask me how many more sleeps. I'm sure you're daughter is the same. I can totally understand and empathize with you about the quiet thing... my BFF just visited us and started her in on the "quiet game" where we try to remain quiet as LONG as possible and see who can outdo the other. TOTALLY didn't think MY daughter could accomplish this because SHE DOESN'T SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!! But she enjoys the game, thinks it's funny even and better yet I get a bit of peace and quiet for even short periods of time. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!

    Anyways, happy birthday to the little girl who will ALWAYS be your baby and congratulations on not eating your young :P


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