Friday, March 28, 2014

a disclaimer of sorts.

it baffles me to think of just how much yuck is in this world.
of how much more comfortable we're with as a culture that would have raised eyebrows not even 20 years ago...
of how easy it is to turn on the TV, computer, even simply picking up your phone - and with a click of a button - vulnerable eyes and ears are exposed to so much garbage that's changing us.
we're all different because of this. it's visible in the generation gaps if you don't believe what I'm saying.

FOR this reason, I promise you: that you will NEVER see or hear anything that is less than above reproach on my little space here on the internet - that is literally full of all the wrong stuff, mine will remain guarded of the garbage.

I'm not saying my life is not without garbage or sin or even really bad decisions.
but its such a big deal for me to keep things at a level of little to no threat so even in my life, it makes it easier to take those things captive.
I'm not immune to the thoughts - and words that pour forth when driving and others do dumb things {because indelibly, they will}, when my kid is not acting like the sweet angel that she looks {which is more often than not}, or when my hubs and I don't see eye to eye on things {again, quite often...}.

this place of mine here.
this tiny spec of the blogosphere.
will - while being as real as I can literally fathom - remain free of anything inappropriate - as I share all things Venne {as in venn diagram - not Vinny}.
you are welcome to stay as long as you want.
I'm here if you need me.

Thankful things:

 a new app I found called percolator:

my almost 5 year old.

 sleepy rainy afternoons
 momma love

a new fridge

mums from my mother in law
 Popsicles on a warm day
 playing with her.
 a dramatic flare for the love of tomatoes.
 morning dance parties, jumping off chairs...
 falling out of the hammock
ps. we have all done it.
 spring fruits.
getting back into playing worship for church events.
yes, Lord!!
happy friday y'all.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks jessica! congrats to you Momma!!

  2. Wow your little lady is just getting cuter by the minute! <3

    1. thanks sue! and so is your sweet girl! time sure does speed up once little ones are involved.

  3. You are so inspirational friend!! Love these photos and agree with your sentiments. :)


say it with a smile.

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