Friday, February 21, 2014

the ABC's of me.

I saw this on another blogger's post from today and loved the idea, so here goes...

a. age: 32

b. bed size: california king // pillow top mattress and its lovely!

c.  chore you hate: cleaning. I always start out good then see so many different things I have to clean and I go all ADHD jumping from one room to another never quite finishing the 1st task...

d. dogs: I always had them growing up but haven't had the time or energy to take care of one in say the last 11 years??

e. essential start to your day: gotta say coffee. Even if it means me waking up in the morning and taking Hailee to preschool or waking up at 3-4 pm after sleeping the day away from a previous night shift.

f. favorite color: anything neutral. I'm finding this more and more in the whole decoration process of the new house.

g. gold or silver: silver

h. height: 5'2 on a good day

i. instruments you play: piano was my 1st love - started playing when I was 5. Then, my dad cut across his knuckles while cutting some bushes out in the front yard when I was 13. He gave me his guitar and a book of chords and its been love ever since. I will get a piano one day and teach Hailee.

j. job title: registered nurse on an ortho/trauma floor of a hospital.

k. kids: Hailee who will be 5 on March 31. Originally, I wasn't sure I even wanted kids - she was a surprise. Here lately, sometimes during the blessing at dinner, she'll ask God for a little brother or sister. Geez. Another one to think about...

l. live: Lexington, South Carolina

m. mom's name: Dianne

n. nicknames: misty blue, blue [dad's], mist, babe [hubs]. mommy

o. overnight hospital stays: the first was in 2003 - I had ulcerative colitis and had to have my entire colon [large intestine] removed. Not fun. I wrote about it here. Last one: C section of my little girl 2009.

p. pet peeve: coming onto a 12 hour shift behind someone who had tons of orders from the previous shift that didn't get done.

q. quote from a movie: this one's hard. Ever After: A Cinderella Story
Danielle: Just breathe...

r. right or left handed: right.

s. siblings: younger brother of 4 years.

t. time you wake up: depends if I'm working a night shift/ taking Hailee to school/ weekend... usually though, it's around 7am. OR 3 or 4pm.

u. underwear: lots of nude color because my pants for work are white right now - which reminds me, our colors at work are all ceil blue so I need to go uniform shopping...

v. vegetables you dislike: okra. beets. radishes.

w. what makes you run late: trying to get Hailee ready when she's dragging her feet. She is NOT a morning person.. just like her father ;)

x. x-rays you've had: I've sprained my ankles lots so that would be it.

y. yummy food you make: Roger will eat almost anything I make, Hailee isn't too terribly picky, and I like to make The Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana.

z. zoo // favorite animals: they're all fun to look at. I like to see the penguins.

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