Saturday, February 15, 2014

new digs.

there is a reason for this absence..
oh, yes.
minus the snow/ice storms in 2 consecutive weeks and the random earthquake on valentine's day [twas working and felt every last little shake]

we moved!
and are living out of boxes!
and are painting!
and have no hot water until monday!

more to come.
stay tuned.

and happy valentine's day.
love remains the same// gavin rossdale


  1. Congrats to the new house!! It looks lovely! Except - no hot water? In the winter?? That's terrible. I hope you have it by now?
    Good luck with unpacking all those boxes!

    1. Ha! Yep. 2 days if boiling water for baths was quite enough ;) thank you! It still doesn't feel real. Like really ours.

  2. So much fun for you! Congratulations! xx

    1. Thanks sue! Fun + a little scary at all the new expenses;)


say it with a smile.

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