Friday, February 21, 2014

the ABC's of me.

I saw this on another blogger's post from today and loved the idea, so here goes...

a. age: 32

b. bed size: california king // pillow top mattress and its lovely!

c.  chore you hate: cleaning. I always start out good then see so many different things I have to clean and I go all ADHD jumping from one room to another never quite finishing the 1st task...

d. dogs: I always had them growing up but haven't had the time or energy to take care of one in say the last 11 years??

e. essential start to your day: gotta say coffee. Even if it means me waking up in the morning and taking Hailee to preschool or waking up at 3-4 pm after sleeping the day away from a previous night shift.

f. favorite color: anything neutral. I'm finding this more and more in the whole decoration process of the new house.

g. gold or silver: silver

h. height: 5'2 on a good day

i. instruments you play: piano was my 1st love - started playing when I was 5. Then, my dad cut across his knuckles while cutting some bushes out in the front yard when I was 13. He gave me his guitar and a book of chords and its been love ever since. I will get a piano one day and teach Hailee.

j. job title: registered nurse on an ortho/trauma floor of a hospital.

k. kids: Hailee who will be 5 on March 31. Originally, I wasn't sure I even wanted kids - she was a surprise. Here lately, sometimes during the blessing at dinner, she'll ask God for a little brother or sister. Geez. Another one to think about...

l. live: Lexington, South Carolina

m. mom's name: Dianne

n. nicknames: misty blue, blue [dad's], mist, babe [hubs]. mommy

o. overnight hospital stays: the first was in 2003 - I had ulcerative colitis and had to have my entire colon [large intestine] removed. Not fun. I wrote about it here. Last one: C section of my little girl 2009.

p. pet peeve: coming onto a 12 hour shift behind someone who had tons of orders from the previous shift that didn't get done.

q. quote from a movie: this one's hard. Ever After: A Cinderella Story
Danielle: Just breathe...

r. right or left handed: right.

s. siblings: younger brother of 4 years.

t. time you wake up: depends if I'm working a night shift/ taking Hailee to school/ weekend... usually though, it's around 7am. OR 3 or 4pm.

u. underwear: lots of nude color because my pants for work are white right now - which reminds me, our colors at work are all ceil blue so I need to go uniform shopping...

v. vegetables you dislike: okra. beets. radishes.

w. what makes you run late: trying to get Hailee ready when she's dragging her feet. She is NOT a morning person.. just like her father ;)

x. x-rays you've had: I've sprained my ankles lots so that would be it.

y. yummy food you make: Roger will eat almost anything I make, Hailee isn't too terribly picky, and I like to make The Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana.

z. zoo // favorite animals: they're all fun to look at. I like to see the penguins.

Monday, February 17, 2014

love set to music.

you know how certain songs evoke old memories and emotions??
well, I have nothing but happy memories with these precious tunes.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Happy Valentine's Day [a few days late]
My gift to you...

some of my favorite love songs.

now go love somebody.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

new digs.

there is a reason for this absence..
oh, yes.
minus the snow/ice storms in 2 consecutive weeks and the random earthquake on valentine's day [twas working and felt every last little shake]

we moved!
and are living out of boxes!
and are painting!
and have no hot water until monday!

more to come.
stay tuned.

and happy valentine's day.
love remains the same// gavin rossdale

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

sometimes.. dreams.

There are those moments that hold vigil in the deepest, sweetest parts of your memory.
Moments locked away and hidden in vaults of stored up experiences past.
Things that don't surface until something triggers them... say... a dream..

Blast those dreams!!

And then all of the sudden, the things you remember from 20 or so years ago are fresh, and on the surface, and so close to consciousness...

Because of one dream.

The day slowly passes and you remember the dream.
You wonder about could have beens; would have beens,  and should have beens.
All the endless possibilities.
Things that have no bearing in reality now.
It's a dangerous thing, that past.

You think of California sunsets on the Pacific ocean that you never saw in person, but had pictures of.
You think of sun kissed skin and bleached blonde hair from being outside all day.
You think of sneaking into R rated movies - the ones you're not supposed to frequent as a young teenager.
You can't remember exactly how it ends...

What causes such dreams??
Dreams of teenage angst, hormones, that oh-so-boy-crazy zone.
Dreams of people that are not in your life any more.
Because as we grow up, people move away.
People change.
I'm not the same person I was when I was 13.
Nor when I was 18.

I've tasted the awkwardness that comes along with being with a best friend after not seeing them for 4 years and NOT being able to just pick back up where you left off...
It's a little sad just how much things change over the years.
It really makes you feel old, huh.

The past is just that.
And should probably, most certainly stay there.
But there will always be pictures to remember the sweetest things.
Here is a tiny glimpse into my past...

that was then.
this is now.

So, you just take those memories, put them back in those secure vaults of your memory bank.
And let your dreams pull them out at random for when you may just forget.

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