Saturday, January 4, 2014

in the quiet hours of the night..

this is my time.
right now, when the house is quiet.
when everyone else is asleep.
and i've been up since 3 am because my body's circadian rhythm has been thrown off.
night shift will do that to you.
i lay in bed for 2 hours trying to clear my mind and i'd think of the most random things:

-we need to replace the batteries of all our smoke detectors.
-i think there's like 3 of them. or 4?
-what kind of batteries do they take? 9 volt? i don't know...
-when i got up earlier to use the bathroom, i noticed my hair on the left side sticking up a little from the way i was laying on it - don't lay on that side anymore - and if i do, make sure to flatten it out first.
-hailee needs more toothpaste - add that to the grocery list for tomorrow.
-we're out of orzo and good parmesan - add that too
-i'll probably need more chicken broth if i'm going to make orzo
-i really want to grill steak again.
-but roger's on call tonight and i'll be working sun/mon/tues nights so i wouldn't even be able to grill them until wednesday - i'm not buying them that far in advance.
-pile of laundry
-clothes still in dryer from last time - dewrinkle them.
-pile of dishes
-clean out fridge - TRASH BAGS!! add that to the list...
-wondering when my new photog book Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera is going to get here [thanks so much for the suggestion Devon, i can't wait to get my hands on it!!!!]
-is the humidifier in hailee's room even working right now? i can't smell the vicks any more.
-right side - left side - back - cannot get comfortable!!!!
-if i fall back to sleep now, i could get another 2 hours of sleep before hailee wakes up.
-um, i think i slept 6 hours during the day after my shift, was awake for 6 hours, then slept 4 more hours so that's like 10 hours...
-maybe my body doesn't need any more sleep.
-those new $100 bills look so fake. i hope i don't have to use it somewhere and they won't take it being all... that doesn't look real ma'am - maybe i should just deposit it at the bank today when we go to get bank stuff done on the new house.
-what time does it start getting brighter outside?
-i need new lip gloss
-and maybe some new nail polish
-get the voice recorder i used in school back to austin
-flash drive with pics on it back to mom & dad
-what am i gonna make for dinner tonight?
-ok, that's it, i'm awake. i can't lie here anymore.

what's on your mind??
good morning.
it's going to be a long day.
this day will be brought to you by the letter: COFFEE & the number: BUSY 4 YEAR OLD GIRL.


  1. What a lovely post! I know these nights very well, especially the counting down "when I fall asleep now I get 2 more hours of sleep... 1 more... oh dang it, I have to get up". So frustrating! Shift work is brutal on the body.

    1. Thanks Miriam! Shift work really is hard on your body, your family, your social life... but hey, I'm getting those crucial new nurse skills that I'll only be able to get in the hospital. Maybe a little down the road, who knows, I'll move into a day time 9-5 gig. That would be ideal ;)


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