Thursday, January 9, 2014

counting my blessings.

Hailee Liz

My independent, quirky, mouthy/sassy, caring, sweet girl.

My 4 year old is like a sponge, soaking in all that is around her.

and a voice recorder, repeating whatever it is that should present itself to her innocent little ears.

and an endless ball of energy from the time those little eyes pop open in the morning until she finally talks/sings herself to sleep at night.

She is learning and growing every day.

and she's quite the little artist...

I am constantly surprised by what comes out of her mouth.

Now is when she's testing the waters of manipulation... seeing what she can get out of who...
if mom says no, go to dad, and so on.

She likes little things: polly pockets, lalaloopsies, squinkies, miniature anything.

She knows all the words to almost every single song that comes on 89.7 WMHK [our local Christian radio station].
She understands when the songs are talking about God/Jesus and will point it out.
She prays before she eats.

She is easily distracted.
But loves to learn - of course, only when it's convenient to her..

She has the most beautiful brown eyes.

She asks questions.

She dreams of having a puppy, kitty or little baby brother or sister.
She talks in her sleep.

I thank Jesus for this healthy little girl every day.
As a nurse, more and more, I NEVER take our health for granted.
It is a precious gift that I treasure.

Life can be so short and so unpredictable.
It can take the saddest twists and turns.
My heart literally aches and breaks for parents that lose children.
All the while, selfishly praying that it never happens to me.
Everything about her life is beautiful and perfect to me.

So when there are stories on the news about 6 year olds getting struck and killed while crossing the street, children dying of terminal illnesses, parents mistreating children... [yeah, you get the point] it just makes me want to pull my little one in a little bit closer, treasure her little heart beat as she's cuddled up next to me, and count my many, many blessings.


  1. she is a treasure! your post is beautifully written. I wrap my kids extra tight even though they're 17 and 14 now, doesn't matter. you're never to old to be a protective parent embracing your kids' lives one day at a time.

    1. Thanks!! I'm sure it will most definitely be the same when she's older.

  2. I love hearing about your beautiful girl and all that the world is teaching her (and she, teaching the world). Just precious.

    1. It is great watching them figure things out for themselves and I do not have to tell you how fast it's all going. With 2.5 of your own, I'm sure time is flying! Cannot believe you're already more than halfway there...

  3. I have a feeling your little one and mine are a lot alike! Gosh she is just so lovely.

    1. I love seeing pictures of sweet Kaya! It would be so neat to see them play together. I bet they are a lot alike. Maybe one day :)

    2. Absolutely! And if we end up in BC heck that isn't too too far! :) BTW when you have time I need you to upload your button to my Small button swap spot on the Sponsor page. :) I adore your new site design!!!

    3. Nevermind, just found your gorgeous button and added it! :)


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