Friday, January 24, 2014

coffee date friday.

Okay, BECAUSE I love it so much when I see Lindsay doing these little coffee date updates,
and BECAUSE it's such a great way to meet other bloggers who also love to write,
and BECAUSE Rags to Stitches puts these lovely coffee dates on every Friday...

I thought I'd join in the fun this Friday since a) I'm not working thursday night and since b) I'm actually writing this the night before so I have time to do this instead of pack- oh, and did I mention dinner is already made - yep: rotisserie chicken from Bi-Lo, and I'll throw a few sides in there ;)

Oh Gosh, who doesn't love a good coffee date?
Well, Y'all.
It's been a while for me.
Can we say a year and a half since my last actual coffee date?? I think??

This Morning...
We'd splurge.
I'd take you on down to the Loveland Coffee Kiosk in Irmo, SC for some pretty amazing java.

Oh, and did I mention, it's ran by some friends of ours from high school?
Beach and Jessica Loveland.
Who knows.. maybe Beach would be working this morning, and how appropriate is coffee since it got down to 20*F last night what with all the arctic air blasts...
[thanks for that North Pole!!]
I'm sure there would be some cold weather chat in there, oh and asking about Jessica who is pregnant with their 3rd child!

On the way there, I'd ask you about your sweet life, the comings and the goings, the ups and the downs, and all the things in between.

I would order my go-to favorite: the Ole Espanol: a hazelnut and chocolate latte seasoned with Cinnamon and Nutmeg. I'd tell you how my hubs' favorite drink is the Mayan Mocha: a latte with chocolate and cinnamon with a touch of Ancho Chile [because he likes it hot!!!!] and how jealous he must be right now because WE are drinking Loveland Coffee and he is not ;)

Just to be nice, I'd probably go ahead and pick up a bag of their roasted Monsooned Malabar beans to take home for him.

We'd go somewhere warm.
Back to the house most definitely.
You'd see it's full of boxes.
I'd apologize for the absolute mess because...
We are in the process of packing and moving!!!

I'd tell you how we have all the paperwork FINALLY finished and submitted!
Oh, its definitely been an experience! and hopefully one we won't have to relive for a very, very, very long time ;)
and How we are on schedule to move in somewhere around Feb 11th [a tuesday] and it's actually the house of our youth pastor and his wife [and their 4 children] who have found another house and we're all basically being blessed by the whole situation!!
Then, I'd probably show you a pic from my cell phone:

Yeah, we're slightly excited!!
It's actually, really happening!!

I'd tell you how I'm already trying to get ideas for our new living space. Because right now, as you see, NOTHING we have matches. It's pretty much thrift store chic ;) for real y'all.
I ordered a cute "V" to go over the front door last night from an etsy shop: The Shabby Shack, who has some pretty neat hand made things... I also may make a trip to the World Market tomorrow because their huge canvas paintings are 20-50% off... you know, planning is half the fun. BUT I NEED IDEAS!!!
and that's where pinterest comes in.... oh, dreams...

You'd probably already know I'm a full time RN at a local hospital on the Orthopaedics floor {yes, that's how it's really spelled} and I work the night shift.
I'd tell you about work and how I was supposed to work a half shift [picking up some over time] 6 hours instead of 12 hours the other night. But when I got there at 1 AM, they asked, "what are you doing here??" and apparently, SOMEONE should have called me and told me that the woman and I that split the shift were put on "Stand-by" for just in case they needed us to come in - again, low census...
I stayed and let another girl go home that wanted to leave and just took over her 4 patients. Oh My Goodness how easy it was!! She got them all medicated and settled down. By the time I got there at 1 AM, everyone was sleeping. Then, I was only there for 6 hours - not 12, which makes SUCH the difference.

I'd remind you it's cold/flu/stomach virus season and to WASH YOUR HANDS incessantly because I'm a nurse and that's what we do ;) I'd tell you how we've already all battled the stomach virus and now, the 4 year old has a stuffy nose.. Good old daycare!! At least I can say I'm building up my immune system in the hospital!

By the time we finished discussing life and all the unexpected moments of it, we'd be down to the bottom of our coffee cups.
We'd make plans to do it again when our schedules permit [I'd probably pull out the good old Erin Condren Life planner and tell you again just how much I LOVE MINE!!!]

With the date of "another Friday morning" shceduled, I'd wish you the best and send you off with one of Hailee's favorite songs for now...
HAIM // the wire

Have a great weekend!!
I'm working some of it ;)

Monday, January 20, 2014

a week later.

I was supposed to work last night, but instead..
I got a full 10 hours of sleep.
That's what happens when your census is low and you get put on stand-by ;)
I was already over at mom and dad's dropping Hailee off to spend the night because Roger was on-call with his job too and had to be ready to go at a moment's notices to fix plumbing emergencies [or leaking sinks/toilets].
So I just stayed there and had a sleepover - all the while, waiting on my phone to ring and a charge nurse on the other end asking me to put my scrubs back on and head on in to work because of admissions.
But it never happened.

it's been a while since the last post and we all went through a few days of some sort of stomach virus.

so yes, it was a week of saltines and gatorade.

The home inspection was last week and Hailee came with us since she got sick the night before and couldn't go to school.
It was her first time seeing the new house and she got so excited.

staring out the new front door...

I'm still going through the whole... pinch me, is this really happening??!!!
We are going to own a house.
This was not the original plan, but hey, God's plans often work out better than the ones we make for ourselves, right??
I've been pinning things like crazy because I don't know how to decorate a house. Hopefully, pinterest will help ;)

So, we've been packing.
In our tiny house now, there is literally NO space to pack and stack boxes.
So, mobile attic it was ;)
Now there is a storage unit [or Blog, as Hailee calls it] in the yard ready to be packed to the brim and moved out around the week of Feb 10th!!!!!
Where to?
a little over a mile down the road into a neighborhood ;)

and we need more boxes.

We've had some cold, cold starts here lately...

But sadly, no snow...

We've painted a ceramic tea set...

this girl loves to paint.

and I don't know about you, but THIS rings true every time I ask her to do anything... not just leave the house...

 photo 43efbc1e-8277-4909-a424-061184897c50_zps9177ff41.png

why is this??

So, I have tried reading a few new books.
But with all the packing and stuff, free time is hard to come by...
So I do it when I have a chance.

still working on figuring out my new camera, and a book // memoir of a girl whose father was involved in a terrible car accident and suffered a closed head injury // traumatic brain injury when she was a teenager.
Both great so far!!

Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson was recommended by Devon, over at the tale of a mermaid who has some pretty amazing pictures on her blog that I LOVE to go drool over.
He Never Liked Cake by Janna Leyde was recommended by Breanna over at sweet silver lining.
Here is Breanna's review of the book.

Up close..

and here's an oldie of me singing a U2 song - One.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

counting my blessings.

Hailee Liz

My independent, quirky, mouthy/sassy, caring, sweet girl.

My 4 year old is like a sponge, soaking in all that is around her.

and a voice recorder, repeating whatever it is that should present itself to her innocent little ears.

and an endless ball of energy from the time those little eyes pop open in the morning until she finally talks/sings herself to sleep at night.

She is learning and growing every day.

and she's quite the little artist...

I am constantly surprised by what comes out of her mouth.

Now is when she's testing the waters of manipulation... seeing what she can get out of who...
if mom says no, go to dad, and so on.

She likes little things: polly pockets, lalaloopsies, squinkies, miniature anything.

She knows all the words to almost every single song that comes on 89.7 WMHK [our local Christian radio station].
She understands when the songs are talking about God/Jesus and will point it out.
She prays before she eats.

She is easily distracted.
But loves to learn - of course, only when it's convenient to her..

She has the most beautiful brown eyes.

She asks questions.

She dreams of having a puppy, kitty or little baby brother or sister.
She talks in her sleep.

I thank Jesus for this healthy little girl every day.
As a nurse, more and more, I NEVER take our health for granted.
It is a precious gift that I treasure.

Life can be so short and so unpredictable.
It can take the saddest twists and turns.
My heart literally aches and breaks for parents that lose children.
All the while, selfishly praying that it never happens to me.
Everything about her life is beautiful and perfect to me.

So when there are stories on the news about 6 year olds getting struck and killed while crossing the street, children dying of terminal illnesses, parents mistreating children... [yeah, you get the point] it just makes me want to pull my little one in a little bit closer, treasure her little heart beat as she's cuddled up next to me, and count my many, many blessings.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

in the quiet hours of the night..

this is my time.
right now, when the house is quiet.
when everyone else is asleep.
and i've been up since 3 am because my body's circadian rhythm has been thrown off.
night shift will do that to you.
i lay in bed for 2 hours trying to clear my mind and i'd think of the most random things:

-we need to replace the batteries of all our smoke detectors.
-i think there's like 3 of them. or 4?
-what kind of batteries do they take? 9 volt? i don't know...
-when i got up earlier to use the bathroom, i noticed my hair on the left side sticking up a little from the way i was laying on it - don't lay on that side anymore - and if i do, make sure to flatten it out first.
-hailee needs more toothpaste - add that to the grocery list for tomorrow.
-we're out of orzo and good parmesan - add that too
-i'll probably need more chicken broth if i'm going to make orzo
-i really want to grill steak again.
-but roger's on call tonight and i'll be working sun/mon/tues nights so i wouldn't even be able to grill them until wednesday - i'm not buying them that far in advance.
-pile of laundry
-clothes still in dryer from last time - dewrinkle them.
-pile of dishes
-clean out fridge - TRASH BAGS!! add that to the list...
-wondering when my new photog book Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera is going to get here [thanks so much for the suggestion Devon, i can't wait to get my hands on it!!!!]
-is the humidifier in hailee's room even working right now? i can't smell the vicks any more.
-right side - left side - back - cannot get comfortable!!!!
-if i fall back to sleep now, i could get another 2 hours of sleep before hailee wakes up.
-um, i think i slept 6 hours during the day after my shift, was awake for 6 hours, then slept 4 more hours so that's like 10 hours...
-maybe my body doesn't need any more sleep.
-those new $100 bills look so fake. i hope i don't have to use it somewhere and they won't take it being all... that doesn't look real ma'am - maybe i should just deposit it at the bank today when we go to get bank stuff done on the new house.
-what time does it start getting brighter outside?
-i need new lip gloss
-and maybe some new nail polish
-get the voice recorder i used in school back to austin
-flash drive with pics on it back to mom & dad
-what am i gonna make for dinner tonight?
-ok, that's it, i'm awake. i can't lie here anymore.

what's on your mind??
good morning.
it's going to be a long day.
this day will be brought to you by the letter: COFFEE & the number: BUSY 4 YEAR OLD GIRL.

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