Monday, December 16, 2013

right about now.

right about now.
I'm seriously considering taking a nap.
I'll be working tonight and the next night.
Oh, those longer than life 12 hour shifts.
12 hours is a LONG time.
Especially when it turns into a 13 - 14 hour night.
Brutal, even.

right about now.
I should probably be cleaning the kitchen.
I have a load of laundry in the dryer... story of my life...
I just spilled a bottle of water on the floor.
It's water, I'll just mop it up and say I cleaned the floors ;)
It works, right?
I'm clumsy.
I spill a lot of stuff, drop a lot of stuff, stub my toes on things, so Hailee gets it honestly.

I almost just uploaded these pictures to the blog and was gonna call it a day.
Because I didn't really have anything pressing to say.
But, y'all...
it's like 9 days until Christmas.
Hailee's school Christmas program is Thursday night.
I cannot believe how close it is.
Then, the day will pass and another one will be in the books.
We're thinking of just spending Christmas day at home together instead of trying to hurry through the morning, not playing with anything, rush through getting ready and going to grandma's to eat lunch with the rest of the family.
I've done it every year.
I have to work Christmas night so all that moving and hurrying is just going to not happen this year.
We may do some Christmas Eve family stuff.
and I'm sure I'll take tons of pictures.

So I slept most of the day yesterday [worked the previous 2 nights].
And when I woke up, we played outside.
It was nice for a while, then the sun started setting and you could feel the temperature drop.
Hailee loves it outside.
I love to watch her play.
I do not believe she woke up even once last night.
There's nothing like fresh air.

and without further adieu, I give you...
playing outside

 photo 05A26D32-8CC3-4A2E-811A-53D9DD93C867_zpscndc70zb.jpg

I love my new camera.
Merry Christmas to me, huh!

now about that nap....


  1. What alveloey day. Beautiful colors. This makes me miss my camera, its been a long time since I spent time shooting pics with my "real"camera

    1. Thanks Andrea! I've wanted a "real" camera since nursing school and finally... yay! My family's like - really? you're taking more pictures?? But we have to practice some time, right??
      I hope your little guy starts feeling better!


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