Tuesday, December 10, 2013

our trip to the burg.

It wasn't that long ago when I was making the hour long trip to Orangeburg every day [and back for a round trip of 2 hours and 104+ miles a day].
6 months to be precise.
This time last year, I was more than likely immersed in books/study guides/lectures/notes wrapping up my 4th semester of nursing school.
And all I have to say to that is... Thank the Lord, it is done!
Hailee and I recently took a trip down to my home away from home for the last 2 years while I was in school - my aunt and uncle's home which is been in the Stroman family for generations.
I love it.
There's nothing like being in the country and watching your child run around, soaking up every minute.
We had an awesome visit, as you can tell by all the pictures to follow...

 photo oburg11_zpse4b528fb.jpg

 photo oburg8_zps31c30a98.jpg

 photo oburg10_zps5e09f7d1.jpg

 photo oburg9_zps4245bdae.jpg

 photo oburg3_zps29a23ed2.jpg

 photo oburg5_zps3fc9f7f7.jpg

 photo oburg4_zps17712113.jpg

 photo oburg2_zps727d7bd0.jpg

 photo oburg7_zpsb8e42416.jpg

 photo oburg18_zpsb87ac057.jpg

 photo oburg19_zpsc091c151.jpg

 photo oburg17_zpsc200c70c.jpg

 photo oburg15_zps4fa134de.jpg

 photo oburg12_zpsc381f393.jpg

 photo oburg16_zpsaee81b75.jpg

 photo oburg13_zps6a0378e1.jpg

 photo oburg1_zps28724391.jpg

I cannot believe how close it is to Christmas now.
Just a few more things to add to our list.

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  1. Your photography is AMAZING!! Absolutely love the house and the tree. Such character!!


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