Thursday, December 12, 2013

favorite things.

Here we are a day less than 2 weeks away from Christmas and I can honestly say...
we've had our tree up since Nov.1st-ish.
Round here, we're all about making the season last.
Mainly, my husband enjoys putting up the tree and taking in the twinkle lights - no matter how frustrating getting that gat dern faux tree out of the box and branches fluffed out seems.
Then of course there's the ornaments.
Oh, the ornaments.. and how it took us hours to locate them - even though we live all crammed tightly in this tiny house - they were crammed even more tightly in a bag in the top of the linen/hailee shoe/light bulb/hailee's pants/misc junk closet. And yes, we've made this tiny space work long enough.
[not much longer now ;)]

But family traditions.
We're still sort of feeling out how we want to do Christmas traditions.
LUCKILY... we're both off Christmas eve and Christmas day - I do have to go in to work on Christmas night. But we'll have the other special times to spend as a family.
And that makes me happy.

You wanna know what else makes me happy??
Here are a few of my favorite things!!
In no particular order:

my Erin Condren Life Planner.
They also have notebooks, teacher lesson planners, wedding planners, address books...
basically, everything.
I use mine every day. It keeps me straight.
The possibilities are endless - and talk about personalizing... you can pretty much have input on almost every little detail. Mine was a graduation gift I got myself after finishing nursing school.
It's durable, the perfect size, can go anywhere, has folders/pockets... it's just great.


Now, onto the next little goodie...
Washi Tape.
This decorative tape is pretty much a favorite of mine. I had never even heard of it before and then a fellow blog friend of mine - who lived in Japan at the time - showed how she used some of hers.
Sue, thanks so much for introducing me to the wonders of washi ;)
This is how I keep mine all together and organized.

I got a small adjustable rod from the curtain rod section of walmart, put the tapes on there how I liked them, adjusted the rod to fit perfectly in that little spot under my desk and - BAM! instant washi organization.
Where do I get my washi??
If you want the lowest price, head on over to downtown tape's online store.
If you want pretty washi with TONS of different varieties, go to La Zoie - an amazing etsy shop I frequent.


We like coffee.
My husband tends to take it to the next level - the coffee connoisseur that he is - and get the bags of whole beans, and crushes them himself.
ME: just give me the grinds and I'm good.
But, NO, he has to grind them, THEN he makes me smell the grinds.
My response is the same pretty much every time... "yes honey, it smells like coffee"
But we have some friends from high school that started their own coffee kiosk in the Irmo, SC area and that is where we try to get our coffee from now.
Loveland Coffee
This stuff is pretty much great and amazing.
They even have a website where you can check them out and order... go here.
Our favorite beans are the Indian Monsooned Malabar - its got a story behind it and everything as to how the beans are processed. I'll save that one for Roger.. He likes to tell stories.
That's probably Beach Loveland's hand right there, holding that bag o-coffee.
And if you're in Irmo, you need to go get some coffee from him.
I, a creature of habit, always enjoy the Ole Espanol while Roger chooses the Mayan Mocha.


Tieks by Gavrieli
These little ballet flats are the cutest [and look to be] the most comfortable.
Each pair is hand made and come in nearly every color.

One day...
They're a little pricey and that's why I haven't gotten any yet.
But I'll just keep plugging away at these 12+ hour days working as a nurse and maybe, just maybe I'll be able to get a pair semi-soon ;)
Could have been a lot sooner, but the whole - buying a house - thing has stopped the spending for a bit.
But aren't they just too cute??


Tiny Galaxies
These precious glittery earrings will always be on my favorites list.
Each pair are hand crafted by Sara Broski - the Tiny Galaxies etsy shop owner.
She is amazing to work with and always has just what I'm looking for.
I have a bunch of her earrings and never leave my house without a pair in my ears!
You should check them out - especially if you have someone in your family who likes tiny, glittery earrings!!

She also makes necklaces and leather bracelets.


This awesome company takes your instagram pictures and turns them into little instagrammy magnets, phone cases, ipad covers... I got 2 sheets of the 9 little photo magnets and Hailee thought they were the coolest!
She likes to rearrange them on the fridge.
Instagram is probably the main reason I wanted an iPhone - and now, there are so many ways to get those instagram pictures - this is just one of many. But one of my favorites!!

They'd probably make some pretty awesome gifts too! Or just some neat keepsakes ;)


and last but not least...
a favorite getaway
The Wildberry Lodge, near Asheville, NC
This rustic log cabin is nestled in the great smoky mountians off the beaten path.
When we first found the driveway, I thought... How is my car going to make it up that much of an incline.
Because, Yall.
It is straight up the side of that mountain!
This beautiful house is ran by a sweet family and is the perfect place to get away and escape the city, the lights, the people, it was everything we hoped it would be. We hope to go back in the future.
The views were breathtaking.
The air was crisp.
We stayed in the wineberry suite, a cabin off from the main house.
The breakfasts every morning did not ever disappoint.

There you have it!
I'm sure there are more on the list of favorite things, but I just kind of threw this together.
Go check out Lindsay's - she has some pretty great things too...
I got the app for children she suggested and my 4 year old LOVES it.

now a favorite song...
This song makes me think of my husband and I so much.
[michael franti & spearhead]
Roger, life is better with you. xoxo.


  1. So glad you did your list! Love this. :)

    1. Thanks! I like the whole annual plate painting thing! such a fun way to remember each year ;)

  2. We will have to try that coffee the next time we are in the Irmo area.

    1. It's in the Murraywood shopping center near crossroads middle. It's so good!

  3. Enjoy reading your blog! Surprised and blessed for the coffee shout out!

    1. Aww :) thanks Jessica! I love reading your blog! It's true. You guys have high quality coffee - we always enjoy it!


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