Monday, November 18, 2013

working and playing

I love what I do.

Even on those nights when its hard, and you cannot seem to completely finish one thing before being handed another.
Even when its night time and you know YOU would rather be sleeping like all the other normal people in the world, but none of your patients seem to want to sleep and instead - are trying to get out of bed every hour and want to walk the halls - but of course, they cannot walk or even get up without assistance.
Even when the sweet as pie [during the day] older patients get all confused and loud at night - Y'all. Sundowners syndrome is REAL.

There's a whole different world out there that we don't always see from our safe little bubbles.
A world where people are involved in motor vehicle vs pedestrian accidents. I cannot believe how often this happens! It's scary.

A world where people can be so non-compliant with their medications and life styles that they actually cause themselves physical bodily damage - losing eyesight, limbs, even sending their hearts into rapid tachycardic rhythms that are definitely not sustainable for life.

A world where there is neglect, and where the children/parent roles have been reversed but no one wants to claim responsibility because it is a Big job. HUGE responsibilities come along with taking care of someone else.

And unless you have a window into some of these peoples' lives, you won't always see it.
But when you do see it, you can't judge people.
That's not our job.
Sometimes that is easier said than done.
All I can do as a nurse is provide the best care I can.
I still have a lot to learn.
.. about being an advocate for people ..
.. about health in general ..
.. about balancing work, family and time to myself ..

I love what I do.
And the benefits from working have also been pretty great ;)
I'm excited about Christmas this year.
I'm excited about giving.
We are nearly done with our Christmas shopping!
And since my husband can be a bit impulsive, and I was ready for a new camera, we were able to get this...

and look at what it can do!!
I'm gonna tell you - getting a DSLR camera can be a little overwhelming.
There is so much to know about it.
They can do so many things!
So any advice is welcome. It really is a lot of fun ;)

just a few of my many, many pens.

yes, those are squinkies she is trying to get into those little houses. 

.. and one with no make up - you are welcome!

When I write, I hope to have substance.
Lately, I've been focusing less on writing and more on my family.
I'm also making it a priority to stay away from my cell phone when we're all together.
For some people, this is nearly impossible, but taking a step back is probably REALLY worth doing.
I want to be present.
Especially when working 12+ hour days, then being tired, and after working/sleeping, it's so important to invest back into what means the most to me: my family.

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