Wednesday, November 20, 2013

sometimes. always. never.

so, this is the first time I've done one of these - I think??
what in the world?? 2 posts in 2 days?? yep.
I have to work tonight so a quick post before I straighten out the house and try to get some rest.


  • I'll walk by my guitar and think about how much I miss playing it but realize where I am at this point in my life doesn't always allow time for it.
  • I have time to read [right now, I'm at the beginning of the 2nd Hunger Games book
  • paint my fingernails/toenails - not as often as I'd like
  • I take for granted how blessed my life is - actually, most of the time
  • have a cup of coffee [or 2] after I wake up [whether its morning or late afternoon]
  • I lose my patience with my sweet girl when she doesn't listen [which is often because she has a mind totally of her own] but I ALWAYS regret it later and have to stop and thank God for her precious life and the gift I get to be her Mommy.
  • I make the beds
  • have trouble remembering my past - there are really blurred moments and fuzzy memories but maybe that's a gift from God.
  • my blog posts get planned out ahead of time - usually it's just when something is on my mind or I have time to sit down and think about things.
  • I get behind on all my favorite blogs because of recovering from nights of being up all and having to catch back up on sleep
  • surprised with Hailee's choice in foods and willingness to try new things all while being a picky eater - she knows what she likes / and what she doesn't ;)
  • feel the pressure to have another baby and it scares me because being pregnant with Hailee wasn't easy - almost had to have a cerclage because my body tried to dilate super early in my pregnancy, my blood pressure shot up toward the end, and I had to have a C-section BUT I do want her to have a brother or sister - decisions, decisions... 
  • go on Facebook to see what is going on with my friends' lives but rarely put anything other than blog posts, and pictures on mine.
  • I just don't want to talk.
  • I'm on my cell phone too much - but I'm doing something about that now.
  • I get defensive and don't want to hear things - especially with my husband who means the world to me.
  • Sometimes get choked up when singing a song that really touches me.
  • compare myself to others - then have to remember "comparison is the thief of joy" 


  • wear my seat belt
  • wash my hands and have at least one thing of hand sanitizer with me.
  • make grocery list - or any list for that matter when it comes to getting ready for something
  • listen to music in the car and while I'm cleaning
  • pay my bills on time
  • amazed at what comes out of my child's mouth - I haven't been keeping up with it like I have before but I really should. She is one funny chick.
  • have a camera of some sort on the ready for those capturable moments...
  • wear a pair of my Tiny Galaxies earrings - they're my absolute favorite and I don't feel completely dressed without them
  • this goes for some sort of lip gloss too - I always have some close!
  • carry a bottle of water with me to work
  • have floss with me because not a single day goes by where I don't floss my teeth at least twice a day - usually more.
  • enjoy the little inside jokes I have with my husband - and ALWAYS laugh the minute something brings them to mind.... GAT DAWG!!!
  • get nervous right before going on stage and singing/playing my guitar on the worship team at church but after I get up there and start singing, something inside of me just feels at home and I forget I'm up there in front of all those people.
  • would rather buy hand made from local shops and farms
  • choose salty/cheesy over sweet things
  • enjoy finding and listening to new music
  • kiss my husband good bye & good night
  • amazed at the beauty of this world - at the majesty of the mountains - the colors of the sunrise and sunset - the fall leaves - it never ends.
  • love the feeling I get when I go to pick up Hailee and she screams, "MOMMY!!" and flings herself into my arms.
  • get chills when I hear good music. Always.
  • LOVE the fact that my husband is an incredibly handy man and can fix almost anything. next on the list: the fridge door that doesn't want to stay closed. 


  • have trouble falling asleep during the day after a 12+ hour night shift
  • can have the toilet paper roll on backward - it WILL get turned around pronto
  • look forward to cleaning
  • sleep in my bra - it's just not happening and when I was nursing Hailee for the 1st year of her life, it almost killed me to have to wear that dang nursing bra to bed.
  • good with directions. never ever.
  • could I ever be an ER nurse because of the rush of it all or never could I ever work with children or child oncology - my heart would break over and over again as I would always personalize my patients with my own little girl.
  • know what I'm walking into at work. and it's different every day which keeps things interesting.
  • do I want to go through malfunction junction - where I-20 and I-26 cross over - that whole area just gives me anxiety - EVERY TIME. 
  • hit snooze on my alarm - when it goes off the first time, I'm up.
  • feels like I spend enough time with my family: parents, brother and now his little family, in-laws, nieces/nephews... hoping for more in the future!

a favorite of mine right now.
listen and be blessed.
thinking about a sweet girl that is going through a REALLY rough time right now.
praying for her comfort and strength.
hoping she finds rest in the Lord.
Jessie, hold on and know that you are not alone.


  1. I enjoyed reading this. Do you mind if I do it on my blog? I will credit you.

    I hope your second pregnancy goes well if you decide to do it...I hate that it is so hard for some good women to have a baby, but some women who are bad moms can pop them out like it's nothing.

  2. What a cool way to make a list. I need to take some advice from you and start making grocery lists (and stop wasting time wondering what I meant to get). I hope you have a great weekend Misty!


say it with a smile.

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