Monday, November 4, 2013

a few from the last week.

We looked at a house this weekend.
And that is when reality kicked me in the face.
Yes, right now, we are crammed super duper tightly into this house.
Our "stuff" is taking over.
And we have so much stuff.
And no where for it to be placed.

So lately I'm craving space.
Room to spread out.
Room to grow.
Nooks and crannies to hold things.
Cabinet space to house things.
Because I've NEVER been one to like clutter spread over counter tops.
So many little things taking up that precious space, pretty much just collecting dust.
It just feels so messy to me.

I don't collect things.
I don't have a problem throwing things away.
It's actually pretty dang refreshing - purging space of junk.

Getting back to the whole Reality thing...
Roger and I are both working full time jobs.
Good jobs.
Where our income is much higher than it's ever been.
Setting our sights on getting out of this tiny house.
[or at least, I am]
SO... we looked at a house some friends of ours' parents are trying to rent out.
The rent would be more than double what we are paying now.
We could afford it, but OUCH.
Do we really want to be right back where we were - making it paycheck to paycheck??
If we're going to be paying double plus what we're paying now for a house, we better make dang sure its what we REALLY want.
ie: we're just gonna hang tight for a little longer in our tiny wood paneled walled non carpeted house.

did a little painting with my girl this weekend.

She likes taking the things she paints for show and tell at school.

I got her a long skirt from Target and she loves it ;)

And we went down and had a visit with my aunt and uncle - my home away from home while I was in school.

playing with a guinea pig.

she went to explore one of the little houses, saw a lizard, and ran.

i love it.

she played hard and slept through the horrible pouring rains on the way home.

She tries to act so grown, but she's still so little.
After looking at the house this weekend, her favorite shows to watch on TV are those house hunter shows.
And Pinterest??!!
She likes me to go on pinterest, sit on my lap and help me look at all the cool things.
She has her own agenda.
She is such an independent little one.

And this past weekend was daylight savings time.
I'm still trying to get on the schedule.
That and working night shift is a lot to get acclimated to.

Some cool days/cold nights have been upon us.
I'm LOVING that.
Sweater weather.
Christmas shopping.
Christmas lights...
its getting closer.

Speaking of Christmas shopping...
I've gotten a few of Katie's Vintage Soul Collections custom made tea cup candles to give as gifts.
One of them smelled so good, I broke down and kept it for myself.
[Hailee will be so excited I chose to keep it when she gets home from school today and sees it lit...]
How about support hand made and get some hand made gifts for people this Christmas??
I know I will be.

and you may or may not see a little green and some white lights in the background of this pic...

to get the season started off right, a little Christmas song for your listening pleasure...
I shared this one last year too, but guys - it's one of my favorites.


  1. Good luck with house-searching. Try posting a "housing wanted" ad on Craigslist or similar websites. We found our current place that way.

    1. Thanks Robin! House searching is exhausting, huh!! I know you've seen your share of houses. Glad y'all are all settled now!


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