Wednesday, November 27, 2013

multicolored lights and more.

Outside it's raining
It's warm in our little house
I'm on my 3rd load of laundry [enough with the dirty clothes already!!!]
Reading the last book in the hunger games series [Mockingjay]
Next up on my books to read: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak - I've heard nothing but good things about this one..
Unloaded then reloaded the dishwasher - washed all the pots and pans that have been gathering across our kitchen counter tops.
The makings of steak and vegetable kabobs are marinating in the fridge for dinner cooked on the inside grill tonight.

Listening to: and looking for new, fun Christmas music as opposed to all the old stuff you hear all the time.
Enjoying playing with a new collage/picture program I found called PhotoSheet - I think a lot of people use it for the whole Project Life journaling thing, which I just may do one day too... just look at how awesome Dawnelle's is from Just Dawnelle 

just a few of the collages I've done.

that bottom right picture of all the little pictures?? Yep, those are StickyGrams magnets. FUN!
you can get a sheet of 9 for $14.99
I love them and cannot wait to get more!!

thinking of all the possibilities that will come with a new house we've fallen in love with
{more on that in the future - I can't go into too much detail right now, but stay tuned!!!}
Pinterest, here I come!!
because y'all - I do not have a single solitary interior decorating fiber in my body.
My husband thinks he does BUT, his most recent idea of personal touch - multicolored lights strung around the bottom of our bed and wrapping around the light next to the bed - made me cringe.
decisions, decisions...

Sorry honey! Thank you for taking them down and giving us the prop for our most recent photo shoot below...

I promise she smiles y'all.
She's probably just sick of me taking pictures of her already ;)

next up: learning to edit them.
but really - who has time for any of that??
So many good intentions, so little time.

I totally got some new pens a few weeks ago - from Japan!!!
They are here, and they are great ;)
You can never have too many pens, right??
Pilot Juice

We went up to Roger's parents' lake house over the weekend and I got some pretty great pics of Hailee.
Practice with the new camera is good right??
The lake levels have dropped - BIG TIME.
She wanted to play in the mud so bad but after getting her shoe stuck in it one time, I stopped that.
She still had fun even without all the mud..
and I'm having fun playing with my new camera.

Okay mom, you can stop taking pictures now...

Decided to try the whole unwrap a Christmas book each night in December for a fun way to do bedtime stories. She's ready to start now.

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone.
We're already at the end of November.
I've been a nurse for 6 months... SURREAL!!
What a busy, blessed year it has been.
I'm so thankful for it all.
and so thankful for all of you who stop by this little space and keep up with all our ups and downs.
Hope this Thanksgiving is full of families, and friends, and fellowship.
I have to work Thurs and Fri night...
See you after that!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

sometimes. always. never.

so, this is the first time I've done one of these - I think??
what in the world?? 2 posts in 2 days?? yep.
I have to work tonight so a quick post before I straighten out the house and try to get some rest.


  • I'll walk by my guitar and think about how much I miss playing it but realize where I am at this point in my life doesn't always allow time for it.
  • I have time to read [right now, I'm at the beginning of the 2nd Hunger Games book
  • paint my fingernails/toenails - not as often as I'd like
  • I take for granted how blessed my life is - actually, most of the time
  • have a cup of coffee [or 2] after I wake up [whether its morning or late afternoon]
  • I lose my patience with my sweet girl when she doesn't listen [which is often because she has a mind totally of her own] but I ALWAYS regret it later and have to stop and thank God for her precious life and the gift I get to be her Mommy.
  • I make the beds
  • have trouble remembering my past - there are really blurred moments and fuzzy memories but maybe that's a gift from God.
  • my blog posts get planned out ahead of time - usually it's just when something is on my mind or I have time to sit down and think about things.
  • I get behind on all my favorite blogs because of recovering from nights of being up all and having to catch back up on sleep
  • surprised with Hailee's choice in foods and willingness to try new things all while being a picky eater - she knows what she likes / and what she doesn't ;)
  • feel the pressure to have another baby and it scares me because being pregnant with Hailee wasn't easy - almost had to have a cerclage because my body tried to dilate super early in my pregnancy, my blood pressure shot up toward the end, and I had to have a C-section BUT I do want her to have a brother or sister - decisions, decisions... 
  • go on Facebook to see what is going on with my friends' lives but rarely put anything other than blog posts, and pictures on mine.
  • I just don't want to talk.
  • I'm on my cell phone too much - but I'm doing something about that now.
  • I get defensive and don't want to hear things - especially with my husband who means the world to me.
  • Sometimes get choked up when singing a song that really touches me.
  • compare myself to others - then have to remember "comparison is the thief of joy" 


  • wear my seat belt
  • wash my hands and have at least one thing of hand sanitizer with me.
  • make grocery list - or any list for that matter when it comes to getting ready for something
  • listen to music in the car and while I'm cleaning
  • pay my bills on time
  • amazed at what comes out of my child's mouth - I haven't been keeping up with it like I have before but I really should. She is one funny chick.
  • have a camera of some sort on the ready for those capturable moments...
  • wear a pair of my Tiny Galaxies earrings - they're my absolute favorite and I don't feel completely dressed without them
  • this goes for some sort of lip gloss too - I always have some close!
  • carry a bottle of water with me to work
  • have floss with me because not a single day goes by where I don't floss my teeth at least twice a day - usually more.
  • enjoy the little inside jokes I have with my husband - and ALWAYS laugh the minute something brings them to mind.... GAT DAWG!!!
  • get nervous right before going on stage and singing/playing my guitar on the worship team at church but after I get up there and start singing, something inside of me just feels at home and I forget I'm up there in front of all those people.
  • would rather buy hand made from local shops and farms
  • choose salty/cheesy over sweet things
  • enjoy finding and listening to new music
  • kiss my husband good bye & good night
  • amazed at the beauty of this world - at the majesty of the mountains - the colors of the sunrise and sunset - the fall leaves - it never ends.
  • love the feeling I get when I go to pick up Hailee and she screams, "MOMMY!!" and flings herself into my arms.
  • get chills when I hear good music. Always.
  • LOVE the fact that my husband is an incredibly handy man and can fix almost anything. next on the list: the fridge door that doesn't want to stay closed. 


  • have trouble falling asleep during the day after a 12+ hour night shift
  • can have the toilet paper roll on backward - it WILL get turned around pronto
  • look forward to cleaning
  • sleep in my bra - it's just not happening and when I was nursing Hailee for the 1st year of her life, it almost killed me to have to wear that dang nursing bra to bed.
  • good with directions. never ever.
  • could I ever be an ER nurse because of the rush of it all or never could I ever work with children or child oncology - my heart would break over and over again as I would always personalize my patients with my own little girl.
  • know what I'm walking into at work. and it's different every day which keeps things interesting.
  • do I want to go through malfunction junction - where I-20 and I-26 cross over - that whole area just gives me anxiety - EVERY TIME. 
  • hit snooze on my alarm - when it goes off the first time, I'm up.
  • feels like I spend enough time with my family: parents, brother and now his little family, in-laws, nieces/nephews... hoping for more in the future!

a favorite of mine right now.
listen and be blessed.
thinking about a sweet girl that is going through a REALLY rough time right now.
praying for her comfort and strength.
hoping she finds rest in the Lord.
Jessie, hold on and know that you are not alone.

Monday, November 18, 2013

working and playing

I love what I do.

Even on those nights when its hard, and you cannot seem to completely finish one thing before being handed another.
Even when its night time and you know YOU would rather be sleeping like all the other normal people in the world, but none of your patients seem to want to sleep and instead - are trying to get out of bed every hour and want to walk the halls - but of course, they cannot walk or even get up without assistance.
Even when the sweet as pie [during the day] older patients get all confused and loud at night - Y'all. Sundowners syndrome is REAL.

There's a whole different world out there that we don't always see from our safe little bubbles.
A world where people are involved in motor vehicle vs pedestrian accidents. I cannot believe how often this happens! It's scary.

A world where people can be so non-compliant with their medications and life styles that they actually cause themselves physical bodily damage - losing eyesight, limbs, even sending their hearts into rapid tachycardic rhythms that are definitely not sustainable for life.

A world where there is neglect, and where the children/parent roles have been reversed but no one wants to claim responsibility because it is a Big job. HUGE responsibilities come along with taking care of someone else.

And unless you have a window into some of these peoples' lives, you won't always see it.
But when you do see it, you can't judge people.
That's not our job.
Sometimes that is easier said than done.
All I can do as a nurse is provide the best care I can.
I still have a lot to learn.
.. about being an advocate for people ..
.. about health in general ..
.. about balancing work, family and time to myself ..

I love what I do.
And the benefits from working have also been pretty great ;)
I'm excited about Christmas this year.
I'm excited about giving.
We are nearly done with our Christmas shopping!
And since my husband can be a bit impulsive, and I was ready for a new camera, we were able to get this...

and look at what it can do!!
I'm gonna tell you - getting a DSLR camera can be a little overwhelming.
There is so much to know about it.
They can do so many things!
So any advice is welcome. It really is a lot of fun ;)

just a few of my many, many pens.

yes, those are squinkies she is trying to get into those little houses. 

.. and one with no make up - you are welcome!

When I write, I hope to have substance.
Lately, I've been focusing less on writing and more on my family.
I'm also making it a priority to stay away from my cell phone when we're all together.
For some people, this is nearly impossible, but taking a step back is probably REALLY worth doing.
I want to be present.
Especially when working 12+ hour days, then being tired, and after working/sleeping, it's so important to invest back into what means the most to me: my family.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

the one that may make your mouth water.

The twinge in my lower back is definitely there.
Threatening spasms and pain but never quite getting to that level because of all the stretching I've been fitting in.
Bending over and leaning into all the cleaning and chores makes it that much more worse for the wear.

I kept Hailee home from school today.
After only getting 4 hard, dreamless hours of sleep after working my last 12 hour night shift, I guess my body knew what it needed and saw fit to sleep through the early morning.
I chose not to rush and push Hailee through the morning tasks of eating, getting dressed, and brushing teeth because that never works out in anyone's favor.
My girl is not much for mornings.
Usually, it takes an adjustment period of at least an hour for her to fully wake up.

We started out the morning with the windows open, letting the damp fall air breeze through the house.
It was dim and overcast.
Then, all of the sudden, that nice fall air grew dense with the smell of smoke from burning.
Out the windows, smoke was hanging lazily in the tree tops.
Flecks of white ash was carried on the breeze, swirling then settling as a light dusting on everything it touched.
Come to find out, the neighbors were burning a large pile of pines and other tree branches.
Just one of the joys of living in the country - burning things.
I'm still too scared to let Roger try his hand at burning anything.
We are so surrounded by trees that it just keeps me paranoid.
Enough so that I'm never in agreement for him to light any sort of fire outside.

See, we are nestled snugly between the pines.

So many trees.

I've done dishes.
I've done laundry.
I've done the bathrooms.
Started dinner in the crock pot.
Chicken and dumplings - as a true southern mama, I have to say this is the first time I've ever tried my hand at this southern staple.
shame on me!
We'll see how it turns out.
It's set to be done once my husband steps his tired foot in the door after working long, hard hours as a plumber.
But he never complains.
He works hard for our family.

The sun keeps slipping in and out of the clouds.
This is truly South Carolina.
Mild weather - right now, it's about 75* out.
A bit warmer than I'd like it to be.
Luckily, once the sun goes down, so will the temperatures.

There is still so much to be done around here, but I'm enjoying not doing anything right now.
and Hailee picked out her own clothes today.

She likes to have a choice every day.
I try to give her one.
But when she thinks its cool to wear a beauty and the beast princess dress and a purple plastic crown to Publix, I have to put my foot down.

I made steaks for the first time - usually, grilling is Roger's thing - but I did it on the inside grill, and I'm just gonna have to tell you - they were perfect.
I got 2 of the 2 pack filet mignons from Walmart that were wrapped in bacon, marinated them in some Dale's Sauce, threw them on the grill at the highest heat - like 425* for 10 minutes on each side.
We like pink on the inside.
They were so much better than I ever expected them to turn out.
We got the grill from my baby brother and sister in law, Blair and Austin - and have REALLY put it to good use!!

Is your mouth watering?
Mine is - I want to run to the store and get more!
And that is a reason I could never be a vegetarian - I Love Steak.
it's one of my favorites ;)

I also made Orzo - a dish introduced to me by Blair [sister in law] when a few years ago, she gave me a bag of Orzo, and from then on out, it's been a weekly occurrence in our household that EVERYONE loves.

What do I do with the orzo??
Sautee it in butter until it's golden brown on med heat.
Add chicken broth - about a can.
Reduce to low and simmer with lid on - stirring occasionally - for 15 - 20 minutes.
Then, I get the "good" Parmesan cheese from the cheese kiosk thing in the grocery store and add some of that right before serving.
BLAIR!!! I bet if you tried it like this, you'd like it...

Lets stay on this same subject of mouth watering goodness:
Yesterday morning after that LONGER than life 12 hour shift, me and a couple of awesome girls I work with went to breakfast in Irmo at a small bar/hole in the wall called Cletus's Roadside Grille.
The grits were like none I've Ever put into my mouth.
If you try them, you'd probably say the same.
I think they were made out of grits, chicken stock, whipped butter and some sort of cheese blend.
The needed nothing extra added to them and I cannot wait to go back and get more.
The perfect comforting breakfast that made my insides all warm and toasty - and the drive back to Lexington that much more excruciating because I just wanted to close my eyes and go to sleep.

This week, the song I'm choosing to help prepare my heart for the beautiful Christmas season that is coming upon us...
Labor of Love.
It's one of the songs from Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God tour.
Talk about putting that one special birth story in perspective...
There's nothing like it.

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