Saturday, October 26, 2013

sweet sleep.

Remember the time I wrote about being worried I wouldn't be able to sleep during the day - before - I started working as a night shift nurse?
WELL... I'm here to tell you that it's SO not a problem.
The sleeping during the day thing.

After working a 12+ hour night shift - even if the sun is shining the brightest it's ever been - it's about all I can do to come home, shower, and fall into my big, soft, comfortable, pillow top mattress, jersey sheets, bed.

My rotary fan is simply magical.
It can drown out most any sound going on outside of my bedroom.
My eclipse panels keep the room dusky.
And if they don't work, my fluffy eye covers can do the trick.

I also like Febreze's sleep serenity line in warm milk and honey.
I have both the room spray and the linen spray.
Hailee's already gotten a little crazy with the room spray - I'm talking a cloud of febreze hanging in the air after she got her hands on it when our backs were turned.
Usually, the day I have to work a night shift, Hailee is at school and I lay down to nap.
I pretty much never have trouble sleeping - and I've NEVER been much of a nap person.
But really, naps are great.

After 2 nights in a row, there is so much to recover from sleep wise.
I will sleep 6 hours during the day, wake up and do family time, and dinner, then go to sleep again at night.
I will admit - sometimes on my nights off, I'll randomly wake up between 2am and 4am, watch some TV, then go back to sleep.

In all this rambling, what I'm TRYING to say is --> I'm tired.
A lot of the time, I'm tired.
Except when I'm working because then, I'm so busy I don't even have a chance to think about being tired.
Then, I drive home - in the opposite direction of traffic - and the minute I'm off my feet, my body feels so full of lead, I don't know how I'll ever make it from the couch to my bed.

I've never been more fond of sleep in my entire life.
For seriously.

Yet there are still dishes and clothes to be washed.
And finally, Hailee and I braved Halloween Express today amidst the weekend crowds and found some sort of costume for her.
She has not wanted to take it off yet.
More on that later.

already cannot wait to go to sleep tonight,


  1. When I was in middle school, I said I would stay up until 3:00 AM every night when I was an adult. Now there are nights when I am glad to be in bed before midnight!

    1. I remember trying to stay awake when I was younger too.
      Oh, but how things change!
      I'm doing good to stay up after Hailee goes to bed just to spend time with Roger ;)


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