Tuesday, October 1, 2013

it was almost dark.

No one got the mail today.
So we decided to take a walk to the mailbox as a family.

We took a walk outside tonight.
It was dusky and perfect.
I tried to stay in his step, but his legs are so long.
and my flip flop clad feet were digging up sand in the tire wells of our drive.
His profile so chiseled, his eyes so roman.
[and he loves ME and is MY life partner!]

We walked down to the mailbox.
It's about a quarter mile there and back.
Along the way, she stopped to stir up the sand.
Her hair, falling softly away from her low pony tail.
She ran ahead, stopped, turned around, beckoned us on, and waited.
She calls me Momma and tells me her dreams.

We walked after sunset - the sky still burning with a hint of orange mixed in with the deep blue.
The night creeping in slowly, noticed by all the insects.
There was no buzzing by our ears of the common gnats that frequent these parts.
There was a single, HUGE spider that had built it's web across 2 pines.
It looked like it hung on invisible thread in the sky.
I kept my distance.

There was a single birthday card among the regular adds.
Thank you Cummings family for your well wishes.
2 days and I'll be 32.
It's really just another day.
An autumn day.
My child's picture day at school.
I have to work the night before and that night.
Its funny how your view of things change as you get older.

I drank in the night air.
We walked, sand kicking up behind us.
She jumped over an ant pile.
And she ran all the way back to the house.

The night has settled in,
the windows are open,
the night insects are chirping, humming, singing their night songs.
And I love living far, far away from the city.
From the noise.
From the lights.
Where it really gets dark, and quiet
and it smells like earth and dusk and fall.
I love it.


  1. I can't be happy in cities (not that small towns don't have a couple of negative aspects, but every place does).


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