Wednesday, October 23, 2013


a fresh face for my little space.
  Danielle B did such a fabulous job designing all of this.
HTML is not something I know how to do very well.
So, until I get it figured out, I'll rely on other people's talents ;)

I thought it was time for a nice change.
Change isn't always easy.
Change can be hard.

I started this whole blogging journey as a way to remember nursing school.
[the horror]
The web name has always been a venne family portrait - but I named the blog, itself "busybody" because of all the directions I was being pulled in my life.
Well, now that the school, studying, homework / projects, chasing around a toddler, being a devoted wife.. have all slowed down, I can focus more on my family.

Currently, change is a good thing.
Usually, it's necessary.

My last few weeks of patients have had incredible amounts of change dominating their life.
We are a trauma overflow floor - traumas can come into your life with a sudden quickness.
One day, things are completely normal.
You're walking around, doing everyday things, when out of no where - BAM.
Traumas happen.

And you're left trying to pick up the pieces and adjust to life that was once normal with everyday things, only now, the way you deal with them and handle ordinary situations are completely different.
Imagine suddenly losing a limb.
There's no way around it - change.
There's a grieving process that goes along with losing a body part.
At first, it's just a jolting shock.
Then, despite everything - life goes on.
[ob-la-di // ob-la-da // life goes on BRAH! la-la how the life goes on]
You can either choose to figure out life with all it's new twists and changes, or rely on everyone else doing things for you.
Okay - so I've never lost a limb before but I do see people struggle with such life changes.
And man, does it EVER put perspective on things.
On all the things we do and use every day without even a second thought.

Again, it's the whole - seeing the vulnerable side of people that gets me every time.
I am so in the right profession.
Being a nurse couldn't have been a better decision.
There are certainly times when I want to scream out of frustration at the craziness of the night shift with patients that refuse to sleep and are constantly needing things.
But - it's my job.
I take care of people.
And sometimes, I have to disappear for like 5 minutes just so I can think and organize all the different tasks I need to take care of.
Time management is still so important.
There are also those times when I'm so appreciative of all the people I come in contact with because they have taught me so much.

Fall is here - a whole new season.
I am so thankful for this new season - for this change.
And then there's my husband already putting up the multi-colored lights.

I'm all - lets just get through Halloween first!
We haven't even gotten Hailee a costume yet.
At first, she wanted to be a spider.
Not really sure how to pull that one off - we're taking a trip to Halloween Express this weekend.

Talk about all this change - when the heck did this little girl start growing up so rapidly?


  1. I like your new design!

    1. Thanks, friend!
      I like yours too. Simple is always a great way to go ;)
      House Rules, by Jodi Picult was a good read.
      I need time to read some new books!

  2. It looks great! And I love your hub's holiday spirit!!! Can't wait to see your girl all dressed up. Banks was a spider two years ago and it was adorable. Of course, I think any child in any costume is one of the cutest sights on the planet. :)

    1. Did you make the spider costume?? I'll just be happy to get something other than a princess or ballerina. And Christmas will most definitely be spread generously over the next 2 months in our household. I'm trying to keep his holiday spirit slightly at bay - Nov 3rd is the date he wants to put up the tree. Too soon?

  3. Replies
    1. aw thanks breanna!! Danielle definitely worked her magic ;)

  4. Nooo way too early to see those multi-colored lights! :) And I love that she wants to be a spider instead of a princess or fairy of some sorts. Creative like her mom!

    1. Check you out with your new blog!! I just found it thru your pic ;) can't wait to catch up and see what's been going on with yall, girl!

  5. You are definitely in the right profession. Your compassionate heart shows even in your writing. We are so blessed to have you in our family. And who is that picture of???? Ha...she doesn't look like a 4 year old.

    1. thanks! I'm blessed to be part of your family! Doesn't she look so grown??!!


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