Wednesday, October 30, 2013

because I'm a nurse...

Linking up today with anna and paige for a nurse related fun October post.

Because I'm a nurse...

  • I pay attention to the "people of Walmart" more and not only because they dress funny. It's because I'm secretly assessing the way they walk, their skin, hair, and mannerisms - I CAN'T HELP IT!!
  • I have THE BEST first aid kit ever!
  • We don't really use that first aid kit much because... minor injuries hardly qualify for a second glance.
  • We wash our hands around here a lot. And I keep hand sanitizer in every bag, room, car that we have.
  • I could lay down and make myself fall asleep at any time of the day - those 12+ hour shifts are mega exhausting and hard to recover from..
  • I can talk about almost anything while eating a meal.
  • Pooping is a pretty big deal and something we hope our patients can do after having the major surgeries we see on our floor. They don't call us "the poop patrol" for just any old reason.
  • I've gotten really good at looking things up because people ask me all kinds of health related questions.
  • I'm more weary of anyone wanting to pop anything on their bodies. DON'T DO IT! I've seen some pretty nasty infections.
  • I carry a 10cc saline syringe in my purse because it's much smaller than a bottle of saline solution in case I need it for my contacts. And I've used them on more than one occasion.
  • I've said it before, but I can't watch those extreme wipe out shows with people getting hurt by doing stupid things anymore - it kills me to see people purposefully hurt themselves!
  • I value my family's health much more than I ever used to.
  • I know what I'm going to wear to work every day - no effort at all goes into picking out and coordinating an outfit.
  • My schedule is never normal and my Erin Condren Life Planner is the best thing ever. I love it and will get one every year from here on out. I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys making lists, writing things down, and not using your cell phone for all of this. Staying organized is key.
  • There are alcohol wipe packets and IV end caps all over my house, car, in my washing machine and dryer.
  • I learn new stuff every day. Being a nurse has given me the opportunity to be a part of this ever changing world of health and wellness.

What about you?


  1. great list!! I'll have to check out that planner website... I'm a huge fan of having a planner I can write everything down on.
    ditto on the alcohol wipes! :)

    1. Erin Condren is the way to go. I have mine everywhere I go...

  2. No matter how ugly I might feel on some days, there is always somebody at a Wal-Mart who can make me feel much better!

    1. It amazes me how comfortable some people feel walking out into {public} walmart.
      Girl, you are not ugly so don't even entertain those thoughts. Ever.

  3. I absolutely agree with these. And I could really relate myself to all the things you’ve shared. But I just want to add one thing. I could eat lunch for 5 minutes because as a nurse, time is really gold.


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