Wednesday, October 30, 2013

because I'm a nurse...

Linking up today with anna and paige for a nurse related fun October post.

Because I'm a nurse...

  • I pay attention to the "people of Walmart" more and not only because they dress funny. It's because I'm secretly assessing the way they walk, their skin, hair, and mannerisms - I CAN'T HELP IT!!
  • I have THE BEST first aid kit ever!
  • We don't really use that first aid kit much because... minor injuries hardly qualify for a second glance.
  • We wash our hands around here a lot. And I keep hand sanitizer in every bag, room, car that we have.
  • I could lay down and make myself fall asleep at any time of the day - those 12+ hour shifts are mega exhausting and hard to recover from..
  • I can talk about almost anything while eating a meal.
  • Pooping is a pretty big deal and something we hope our patients can do after having the major surgeries we see on our floor. They don't call us "the poop patrol" for just any old reason.
  • I've gotten really good at looking things up because people ask me all kinds of health related questions.
  • I'm more weary of anyone wanting to pop anything on their bodies. DON'T DO IT! I've seen some pretty nasty infections.
  • I carry a 10cc saline syringe in my purse because it's much smaller than a bottle of saline solution in case I need it for my contacts. And I've used them on more than one occasion.
  • I've said it before, but I can't watch those extreme wipe out shows with people getting hurt by doing stupid things anymore - it kills me to see people purposefully hurt themselves!
  • I value my family's health much more than I ever used to.
  • I know what I'm going to wear to work every day - no effort at all goes into picking out and coordinating an outfit.
  • My schedule is never normal and my Erin Condren Life Planner is the best thing ever. I love it and will get one every year from here on out. I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys making lists, writing things down, and not using your cell phone for all of this. Staying organized is key.
  • There are alcohol wipe packets and IV end caps all over my house, car, in my washing machine and dryer.
  • I learn new stuff every day. Being a nurse has given me the opportunity to be a part of this ever changing world of health and wellness.

What about you?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

quick salsa

My husband did a plumbing job for some friends of ours and came home with this awesome jewel of a recipe for salsa.
Normally, I cannot tolerate hot, spicy things, but I have to say this is pretty much amazing...
and easy!
This is the second time I've made it.
Maybe I'll get some of it this time ;)

14 oz can diced tomatoes
10 oz can rotel tomatoes
1/2 small onion - roughly chopped
jalapeno to taste (1/2 - 1 fresh or 1/4 cup from jar)
1 tsp honey
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cumin
small to medium handful fresh cilantro
juice of 1 lime
*food processor till desired consistency*

And my personal preference: a dollop of daisy sour cream.
You know, because I can't handle all that spiciness. 

 It's good stuff.
I wouldn't steer you wrong.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

sweet sleep.

Remember the time I wrote about being worried I wouldn't be able to sleep during the day - before - I started working as a night shift nurse?
WELL... I'm here to tell you that it's SO not a problem.
The sleeping during the day thing.

After working a 12+ hour night shift - even if the sun is shining the brightest it's ever been - it's about all I can do to come home, shower, and fall into my big, soft, comfortable, pillow top mattress, jersey sheets, bed.

My rotary fan is simply magical.
It can drown out most any sound going on outside of my bedroom.
My eclipse panels keep the room dusky.
And if they don't work, my fluffy eye covers can do the trick.

I also like Febreze's sleep serenity line in warm milk and honey.
I have both the room spray and the linen spray.
Hailee's already gotten a little crazy with the room spray - I'm talking a cloud of febreze hanging in the air after she got her hands on it when our backs were turned.
Usually, the day I have to work a night shift, Hailee is at school and I lay down to nap.
I pretty much never have trouble sleeping - and I've NEVER been much of a nap person.
But really, naps are great.

After 2 nights in a row, there is so much to recover from sleep wise.
I will sleep 6 hours during the day, wake up and do family time, and dinner, then go to sleep again at night.
I will admit - sometimes on my nights off, I'll randomly wake up between 2am and 4am, watch some TV, then go back to sleep.

In all this rambling, what I'm TRYING to say is --> I'm tired.
A lot of the time, I'm tired.
Except when I'm working because then, I'm so busy I don't even have a chance to think about being tired.
Then, I drive home - in the opposite direction of traffic - and the minute I'm off my feet, my body feels so full of lead, I don't know how I'll ever make it from the couch to my bed.

I've never been more fond of sleep in my entire life.
For seriously.

Yet there are still dishes and clothes to be washed.
And finally, Hailee and I braved Halloween Express today amidst the weekend crowds and found some sort of costume for her.
She has not wanted to take it off yet.
More on that later.

already cannot wait to go to sleep tonight,

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


a fresh face for my little space.
  Danielle B did such a fabulous job designing all of this.
HTML is not something I know how to do very well.
So, until I get it figured out, I'll rely on other people's talents ;)

I thought it was time for a nice change.
Change isn't always easy.
Change can be hard.

I started this whole blogging journey as a way to remember nursing school.
[the horror]
The web name has always been a venne family portrait - but I named the blog, itself "busybody" because of all the directions I was being pulled in my life.
Well, now that the school, studying, homework / projects, chasing around a toddler, being a devoted wife.. have all slowed down, I can focus more on my family.

Currently, change is a good thing.
Usually, it's necessary.

My last few weeks of patients have had incredible amounts of change dominating their life.
We are a trauma overflow floor - traumas can come into your life with a sudden quickness.
One day, things are completely normal.
You're walking around, doing everyday things, when out of no where - BAM.
Traumas happen.

And you're left trying to pick up the pieces and adjust to life that was once normal with everyday things, only now, the way you deal with them and handle ordinary situations are completely different.
Imagine suddenly losing a limb.
There's no way around it - change.
There's a grieving process that goes along with losing a body part.
At first, it's just a jolting shock.
Then, despite everything - life goes on.
[ob-la-di // ob-la-da // life goes on BRAH! la-la how the life goes on]
You can either choose to figure out life with all it's new twists and changes, or rely on everyone else doing things for you.
Okay - so I've never lost a limb before but I do see people struggle with such life changes.
And man, does it EVER put perspective on things.
On all the things we do and use every day without even a second thought.

Again, it's the whole - seeing the vulnerable side of people that gets me every time.
I am so in the right profession.
Being a nurse couldn't have been a better decision.
There are certainly times when I want to scream out of frustration at the craziness of the night shift with patients that refuse to sleep and are constantly needing things.
But - it's my job.
I take care of people.
And sometimes, I have to disappear for like 5 minutes just so I can think and organize all the different tasks I need to take care of.
Time management is still so important.
There are also those times when I'm so appreciative of all the people I come in contact with because they have taught me so much.

Fall is here - a whole new season.
I am so thankful for this new season - for this change.
And then there's my husband already putting up the multi-colored lights.

I'm all - lets just get through Halloween first!
We haven't even gotten Hailee a costume yet.
At first, she wanted to be a spider.
Not really sure how to pull that one off - we're taking a trip to Halloween Express this weekend.

Talk about all this change - when the heck did this little girl start growing up so rapidly?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

some to remember.

I've seen so many faces in the last few months - learned so many names...
Some people breeze in and out of your life with such quickness that they simply go unnoticed. They're as fleeting as these autumn breezes that whisper through the leaves. The memory of them evaporates quickly without even leaving a trace. And if you ever see them again, there's a connected familiarity to their face, but one so vague that you can never quite seem to put your finger on it.

Then, there are other events that drop people in your path with such a force that it rocks your very foundation. These moments are not foreseeable nor are they ever forgotten. They're more like the wintry winds that blast down out of Canada, ripping the last of the autumn leaves from the branches of their trees. These people have forever left a mark on your hearts and in your life - that may diminish some with time - but will always be somewhere near the surface of remembering.

The events that take place change your life in such a way that whenever triggered by a similar event, that person's face comes bleeding back through your mind - almost instantaneously. And suddenly, you're back there - in that moment where the compass lines of both of your directions crossed so forcefully.

You remember the room - where there was only one light in the darkness, however enough to see an aged faced, wrinkled up in pain. You remember the smells because you're so close that even their breath has found its way into the recesses of your mind. You remember their frustration and exhaustion toward not being able to control their own body in the simplest ways any more. And you will never forget the look in their eyes when they tell you thank you for being there. Even when YOU feel like you're not even coming close in doing for them the way those tired eyes so desperately show you gratitude.

These people have families that trust my hands to take care of their loved ones. You cannot control everything from the start of a 12 hour shift to the finish of it. You can do your best to map out a path of which way you think you want to go for the night, but ultimately, there will be people and events that get shifted into your direction, forever changing that planned path and teaching you more than you ever thought possible. And one day, if by chance you ever see them again, there will be immediate recognition, flinging you back through time, flooding your brain all over again, never letting you forget.

There are some that have already slipped so quietly from my mind, and there are those I will never forget.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

all I can do...

It's late. {or maybe I'm just getting old and it's late for me}
It's been raining off and on all day.
I cannot even begin to tell you how much more relaxing these rainy days are for me.

It's quiet.
Sometimes, I really long for that silent stillness.
It's a wave of relief washing over the hectic, filled day.
The low hum of the appliances in the kitchen and the occasional roll of thunder far off in the distance is all that I hear.

Hailee has been showered, teeth brushed and tucked into bed.
Most nights - I'm not that far behind.
Tonight, I'm just as tired but craved a little time to myself without her sweet, constant chatter.
Her songs that she sings as she's playing, her questions that pepper most all waking moments, her need to push her boundaries and assert her independence...
My eye lids are heavy but there's been something on my mind here lately.


How lucky am I that I have a healthy 4 year old and husband?
How blessed is my life that my husband and I can both work full time jobs and do things we enjoy?
How completely full are our hearts because we have so much love and encouragement from both of our families?
How is it that we get to be in this place, right now, and not struggle with the desperate situations that so many  others are facing?

Unmerited favor.
NOTHING that we deserve or NO THING we could have ever have done to have earned any of this.

I've seen so much in the last few weeks that makes my heart hurt.
So much that simply brings me to my knees in prayer, thanking God over and over again for His lovingkindness.
So much that knocks the wind from my chest, aching in empathy for those that are handling their life situations in a way with such grace and love whereas I'm not sure I could be as composed..

I am so thankful to be where I am, to see the vulnerable side of people, to respect their dignity and nakedness in times where they are simply not in control.
It really puts things in perspective.
Being a nurse has sharpened my senses.
It makes me want to cling that much more tighter to the ones I love.
It makes the moments of regret and guilt for losing my temper or isolating myself from my family that much harder afterward.
It makes me see what a precious gift health is, and how easy it is for it all to be taken away.

Thank you, Jesus for all the things in my life that I'm privileged to be a part of.
Thankful things:

 photo null_zps9e95bc63.jpg

 photo null_zps80450b71.jpg

 photo null_zpsbbc92758.jpg

 photo null_zpsca7f86a3.jpg

 photo null_zps79e8a4d8.jpg

 photo null_zps87bc663b.jpg

 photo null_zps85d3e468.jpg

 photo null_zps5ff9068c.jpg

 photo 4d08ce3f-01be-466a-bec9-2461dd8bc394_zpsb3477c42.jpg
he's not much for picture taking

 photo null_zps04a8fcbd.jpg

 photo null_zpsafc62ef8.jpg

 photo null_zpsb71d50bf.jpg

 photo null_zpsc1084f17.jpg

 photo null_zps9d0561d9.jpg

 photo null_zps4101ae2b.jpg

 photo null_zpse9c974a5.jpg

 photo null_zps5279ba2d.jpg

In this life, there is so much to complain about.
It's hard to see past our expectations as to how we think things are supposed to be.
How good we really have it.
How much of it we don't deserve.
And how life continues on regardless of our complications.

I'll leave you with one of my child's favorite songs at this time.
As she would sing, "All I can do, is say Sank You"

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

it was almost dark.

No one got the mail today.
So we decided to take a walk to the mailbox as a family.

We took a walk outside tonight.
It was dusky and perfect.
I tried to stay in his step, but his legs are so long.
and my flip flop clad feet were digging up sand in the tire wells of our drive.
His profile so chiseled, his eyes so roman.
[and he loves ME and is MY life partner!]

We walked down to the mailbox.
It's about a quarter mile there and back.
Along the way, she stopped to stir up the sand.
Her hair, falling softly away from her low pony tail.
She ran ahead, stopped, turned around, beckoned us on, and waited.
She calls me Momma and tells me her dreams.

We walked after sunset - the sky still burning with a hint of orange mixed in with the deep blue.
The night creeping in slowly, noticed by all the insects.
There was no buzzing by our ears of the common gnats that frequent these parts.
There was a single, HUGE spider that had built it's web across 2 pines.
It looked like it hung on invisible thread in the sky.
I kept my distance.

There was a single birthday card among the regular adds.
Thank you Cummings family for your well wishes.
2 days and I'll be 32.
It's really just another day.
An autumn day.
My child's picture day at school.
I have to work the night before and that night.
Its funny how your view of things change as you get older.

I drank in the night air.
We walked, sand kicking up behind us.
She jumped over an ant pile.
And she ran all the way back to the house.

The night has settled in,
the windows are open,
the night insects are chirping, humming, singing their night songs.
And I love living far, far away from the city.
From the noise.
From the lights.
Where it really gets dark, and quiet
and it smells like earth and dusk and fall.
I love it.

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