Monday, September 23, 2013

Life Lately.

If you're following along with Jenni's "Blogtember" prompts over at Story Of My Life, you'd know today's post is about Life lately.

Lately, for us, life has been on the up and up.
BUT - this is the first time I could even say this in a good while.

We all go through the dark valleys and then, there are those times we feel like we're pouncing though the mountain tops with Hind's Feet on High Places.
Which by the way - if you have not read this book by Hannah Hurnard, you totally should.

And believe you me, we've been in a valley lately.

A deep, dark, scary, treacherous valley that has a tendency to tighten it's hold on you the harder you try to get out [on your own].

No one has a perfect life.

Not even here in blog world where - surprise, surprise - things can seem quite put together.
You only have to show as much as you really want.
Rarely - people expound upon the harder parts of life.
And if you're right there with me, you'd agree that reading Debbie Downer posts all the time will Turn. You. Off. to that certain person's blog.

Long story short:
In May I graduated from Nursing School and started my career as a brand new baby RN.
Soon thereafter, my husband lost his job.
He started working for a man that was totally unreliable, unpredictable, and did not set a good example for my husband.
And when your husband comes home, venting his frustrations from the day, it's hard not to feel bitterness toward people that treat him badly.
We had the most horrible experience trying to find childcare for our 4 year old daughter.

Roger and I both sank into a place where we just wanted to isolate ourselves - and not with each other - NOT trying to see God in anything that was going on.
NOT turning to God, but instead, turning inward.

Why would we?
After all these glorious plans WE had made with OUR brand new source of income, just to have it ripped from under us - to not have that kind of stability that my soul longed for -
we hit that valley hard.
And I did not want to look Up.

Even in that state of disobedience,
God provided.
Matthew 6:31-32
Even through our bad decisions and us trying so hard to pull back on those reigns that were steering our lives,
God directed our steps to where He wanted us.
Proverbs 16:9
Because when we are weak,
He is strong.
2 Corinthians 12:10

A quote from the Hind's Feet on High Places book on waiting...

"Shepherd," she said despairingly, "I can't understand this. The guides You gave me say that we must go down there into that desert, turning right away from the High Places altogether. You don't mean that, do you? You can't contradict yourself. Tell them we are not to go there, and show us another way. Make a way for us, Shepherd, as you promised."
He looked at her and answered very gently, "That is the path, Much-Afraid, and you are to go down there."
"Oh no," she cried, "You can't mean it. You said if I would trust you, You would bring me to the High Places, and that path leads right away from them. It contradicts all that you promised."
"No," said the Shepherd, "it is not contradiction, only postponement for the best to become possible."

We expect things to go our way - and when they veer from those expected paths, we fall.
It has not been easy.
It has not been fun.
It has actually been hard.
And not letting people in on that is one of the worst things we could have done.

But, Y'all....
Life, lately....
It's been great.
It's amazing the things that work together when you're doing what you're supposed to.

 photo null_zps2b137fc0.jpg

I'm still loving my new job as an Orthopaedics/Trauma nurse - that's never changed.
Roger has a new plumbing job that he starts in a week - plumbing has been what he's always really wanted to do since his father owns his own plumbing business and that's where most of his knowledge lies.
Hailee is in 4K preschool at The Harvest, an amazing Christian preschool that is just what we needed for her.
We plugged into our small group at Church and are going to have an amazing season with these friends of ours - which just happens to be at our neighbors house.
Roger's in a Bible study group with a group of Guys from the U-Turn for Christ program - just the group of people he needs in his life.

 photo null_zps684f32bd.jpg

It's autumn.
A brand new season.
A whole new start.
And I am ready for this.


  1. It sounds like a beautiful start to a new season. I can't wait to hear how it all unfolds for y'all!

    1. This journey has definitely been an interesting one ;)
      I'm kinda glad it's as unpredictable as it is.
      This change is a good one.

  2. I am glad that everything is better, and that Roger got a job!

    I will sometimes still read blogs with a lot of "Debbie Downer" stuff - I understand that sometimes blogging is a person's only way to vent - but it gets annoying when their problems become petty, superficial, etc. I.E., people who are whining over gaining one pound or not finding some designer fashion item.

  3. I'm so glad things are looking up for you. I stumbled onto your blog a while back and recognized you, as I was a year behind you at Tech. I check in occasionally, and you always exude humility. Always. It's very refreshing, and reading your blogs gives me the extra umph to keep pushing through to graduation, to boards, to life beyond school. And it's cool that you should mention the Harvest; that's where we want to attend after graduation and moving.

    1. Thanks Brittany! You look familiar too ;) So glad you found me on here.
      Over the summer, I saw Amber W in the PHR cafeteria while she was at a peds clinical. It's so surreal. Believe it or not, you're gonna get through this! School will be over before you even know it. Then you'll settle into life as a nurse! It's pretty exciting.
      We LOVE The Harvest.
      Only wish we would have found it earlier.

    2. Thanks! I bet the transition will leave me in a daze, too. And I so needed that encouragement. I feel like the light I saw at the end of the tunnel was actually a brief flashing from the warden's flashlight lol. And it will be awesome to see you at the Harvest!


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