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Hey all.
Since I am FRESH out of nursing school and all, I thought I'd share some advice on surviving nursing school.

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Off we go.
Before starting nursing school, save up as much money as you can.
It's pretty dang expensive.

My 1st semester books were well over $1000.

and more books later...

There were also tons of supplies and uniforms to spend money on.
Said clinical uniform:

cell phone photo in the bathroom before my very last day of clinicals

Then, of course, there is the FORMAL uniform for ceremonies and other events we had to wear them at.
Our "whites"

OC Tech C/O 2013 in all our glory

Okay, now that you've got the saving money part down, next up is study, study, study like you've never studied before in your life.
Figure out what works best for you be it making note cards, reading over the material, answering all the questions in the back of the chapters, and my most favorite: make study guides.
I would record the lectures [in the beginning], take notes in class, re-read the lectures, and type up my notes into study guide format.
THEN, the night before and day of the test, I would read my study guide out loud to myself - and record myself reading it. I'd listen to this recording on my hour long drive to school. It really helped me.

Nursing school is a journey that no one else - besides anyone who has ever been in nursing school - can even relate to.
Until you've spent hours upon hours away from your family/friends studying and doing school-related activities, you can never know the total involvement that IS nursing school. You will make some life-long friends in school because you spend so much time with them. You even do things NOT school related with them because they will turn out to be your best friends - especially at this time in your life ;)

The best of times.

Even though you spend so much time with these amazing people, you have to take some time out for yourself and your family too. Sometimes, it seems hard to balance all of these things and ultimately, something will suffer from lack of time spent on it.

You might as well buy stock in printer paper and ink cartridges for your computer because you are going to be printing EVERYTHING out. Power points, study guides, calendars, clinical paperwork, journals, ohmygosh so freaking much. Just keep that in mind too because ink cartridges are NOT cheap.

DO NOT stay up all night studying. It almost never works 66.7% of the time - every time.
If you want to be able to function the next day and pay attention in class, this is key. For myself, I couldn't drink coffee after  3 pm because I would be up all night if I did.

Don't sit next to people that are going to distract you. BUT, be friends with everyone.

DO prepare for clinical as much as you can the night before after you get your pt information.
1) If you don't, the instructors can send you home
2) YOU KNOW they are going to ask you questions about the pts when you get there.
it's all about learning, people.

Stay away from the drama - you're with these people MORE than you're with your family and yes, there will be drama. and secrets. and lies. and deception. it just means you're all THAT CLOSE.

DO NOT reward yourself with cupcakes when you make A's.
It's hard enough to find time and energy to work out in the first place - this is where I gained a lot of my weight - this and deciding I needed to eat when I studied - and I studied a lot.

DO find time to clean up every once in a while. It's funny how fast things can pile up on you like... dishes, laundry, children's toys, books/papers... then you have to take time away from studying to get it done. [unless, of course you have a maid, but no one in nursing school can afford a maid]

Have fun, laugh, and take it all in.
It is all worth it in the end.

It goes by much faster than you think it will.
And when you're done, it's all just a memory.

Hope this helped some!!
Now, you're ready to take on nursing school.

Some more good advice?
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  1. Congrats on finishing! There's some advice here that any student should appreciate getting.

    1. Thank you so much!! And you are so right - it can go for anyone starting any kind of school :)

  2. I was just speaking with an RN today on Facebook and thought of you!! Love this post, but those books are freaking me out, talk about needing to learn a TON of vital information!!


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