Sunday, August 11, 2013

when storms are near.

is it bad that I like the rain?
that I hope for thunderstorms?
that the flashes of lightening are captivating and that I'm always amazed by just how hard rain can fall.
And that it can come in sideways,
sweeping across landscaped yards, hills, gravel driveways, hot, tired wooden porches.
beating out rhythms on the windows and rooftops.
bringing with it winds that tear through the trees
flinging pine needles from the rows of the perfectly planted pine trees that surround us.

is it bad that the electrically charged atmosphere before a storm thrills me?
the way you can feel and smell when a summer storm is approaching.
the way the clouds build upon each other until their dark, ominous presence overwhelms the sun.
the way you become enveloped by humidity when walking outside -
the air so thick you can almost taste it...

I love the dreary days when the rain keeps the sun at bay,
when the heat is replaced by temporary showers of relief,
when in the darkness, you can lay around and nap or just be close to someone else.

I love the easy feel of grey,
where you can slip right into a cup of tea,
lose yourself as the rivets cascade down the windows in jagged lines.

but it's always nice to see it end.
and rainbows, with all of their perfection, astound me even more than the rain.
with a design and shape consistently all their own,
promising hope.
always bringing a smile
and that quiet moment of wonder and awe.
before it disappears into the sun.


  1. Beautiful. :) I enjoy rain and storms at times, too.

    1. Thanks Robin! I like rain because it keeps bugs away too!


say it with a smile.

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