Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the time i got angioedema {today}

Today started off just like any other day...
I was off work.
Hailee and I went up to Kiddie Kollege and registered her to start going in a few weeks.
Went to the store.
Came home || ate lunch.
Started making Sugar Cookies.
By about 1:30, I noticed my lip started feeling strange.

Like the numb feeling you get when you get a shot at the dentist.
And tingly.
But it was only in the upper lip and only on one side.

^^ THIS was shortly after I noticed it at about 1:30pm  ^^
I know, I look like Elvis, and I'm not even trying.
That's talent, huh.
Immediately, the nurse in me went into action.
I swallowed down 2 Benadryl and started putting ice on it.

It spread.
It tingled and spread further across my lip.

Did I get bit by something and didn't know it??
Did I eat something that I'm NOW allergic to that I haven't been in the past?
Was it the Lisinopril I take for my blood pressure?
Because an adverse effect of ACE inhibitors is most definitely Angioedema...

I googled angioedema.
I shouldn't have.
It was all these fat lips, and swollen tongues, some even had their eyes swollen shut.
and that was NOT good for my blood pressure.

Lucky me - my brother is a pharmacist.
He told me to do exactly what I had been doing || Benadryl and ice.
And he told me to go to Urgent care.
THAT, I didn't do.

Then, at 3:00...

It started feeling SO TIGHT!
Like my lip was going to bust wide open.
And chapped because the wet part {my mucus membrane} was on the outside.
Not good.
and, Y'ALL...
my health insurance doesn't kick in until Sept 15th - my 90th day as a nurse.
I did not want to hit up the local urgent care or ED and acquire a massive bill.
So, I did the next best thing and called my Dr.
She was booked solid.

There is another office here in Lexington that was able to fit me in by 5:00pm.

I was being so vigilant, making sure it wasn't spreading to my tongue/airway/eyes...
I got to the Dr's office early - 4:20 early.
I drove the whole way hiding behind my ice pack.
I walked into the office hiding behind my ice pack.
They saw my lip and took me right back ;)

By 5:00, I was prescribed another BP medicine in a different drug class, given a month of free samples {THANK YOU JESUS!!}, and had my script for steroids in my hot little hands.
This was me on my way home from this visit.

It looked like a botched botox job.
I swear it's not.
And I promise no one hit me.
And I wasn't bit by anything that I remember.
{you know my extreme fear of insects so Believe YOU me!! I'd be the 1st to know if something creepy crawly was on MY FACE.

Apparently, it's an adverse reaction to the Lisinopril.
A pretty rare one.
And I just happened to manifest this rare adverse reaction.
Lucky me.
At dinner tonight, Hailee said the blessing and prayed for my big lip.
Oh, my sweet girl. She just steals my heart over and over again!!

So now, it's just after 8PM.
and this is how it looks:

I can already feel it going away.
Still looks like I have a fat lip.
And my husband is laughing at the duck bill I have growing off my face.
Still no more airway involvement.
My new BP med is an ARB - Cozaar.
THEY have been known to cause angioedema too...
Let's pray this one doesn't ;)

I'm off to take some more Benadryl.


  1. You poor thing, that looks painful! Glad everything is okay. Usually my urgent care visits haven't been too expensive but if you have a Minute Clinic at CVS around you they hand out prescriptions like crazy!

    1. I totally should have hit up the minute clinic ;) I've never been to an urgent care before. These things USUALLY don't happen to me.
      And just like that, now the swelling is gone!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh my goodness I do too!!! This would be too much to deal with again - and I might not be as lucky next time with it only on my top lip.

  3. Eeek! I'm glad that you were able to get it treated fairly quickly.

    1. I REALLY didn't want to go to the doctor. But I didn't want it to get worse. It's almost gone now :)

  4. It's a good and bad thing that you had medical training. Good because you had an idea on what to do, but bad in thinking that it would be enough. It's a good thing you did heed the advice of going to urgent care. I'd hate to find out what could have happened if you didn't. -Eleanor @ US Healthworks


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