Friday, August 2, 2013

Suggestions for Night Shifters

A Rugrats movie is playing in the background.
I've tried to close my eyes and rest for a while before my first night shift.
I was hoping Hailee would nap while I tried to nap too.
It's not really happening.

I'm sitting here wondering how tonight is going to go.
My very first night shift.
I'm not really sure how to prepare for this.
I don't really have many options other than stay up for 24 hours.
From now until I get off work tonight.
Do I bring coffee?
And after eating 3 meals today, what kind of meal am I supposed to pack for 1 - 2 AM?
A second Supper?
A first breakfast?
I really don't want to be hitting up the cafeteria at that time because there will be nothing but fried stuff to dine on.

This is going to be interesting...

I know one thing is for sure: when I get home in the morning after working a 13 hour shift, I will have no trouble sleeping.
I never do.
They are some really long shifts.
And I don't know about night shift, but day shifts are Jam Packed Full of Non Stop running.
So... will the patients be sleeping?
Or will they be calling for their pain meds every 2 - 4 hours?
There won't be any food served during night shift - as with day shift, we supervise the 3 full meals.
Will I be running to get snacks and blood sugars?

So many questions.
Some will be answered in about 5 hours.

If anyone has certain things that works for them in getting acclimated to night shift work, do share.
THEN, if anyone has certain things that works for them in sleeping during the daytime, that is welcome too.

I'll be on tonight and tomorrow night.
Then back to days for about 2 days.
Then, nights.
And I do have a family with a very active 4 year old, so days...
And then back to nights.
And hopefully the end of orientation by the end of this month.
But we'll see how that goes.


  1. Good luck, I'm glad as an accountant our "night shift" usually ends at 2am the night before a deadline :) I find that constantly eating or drinking something keeps me awake, but that won't help you if you're running around for patients!

    1. thanks Elle!!
      oh, how I wish our night shift ended at 2am ;) If I constantly ate/drank, I'd gain SO MUCH WEIGHT! and that is not the goal.
      Hoping my body bounces back a bit better than I'm expecting it to.


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