Monday, August 19, 2013

just a few things.

This is Random Goodness, for goodness sake.
It's been a while since I've had a go at some all over the place thoughts.

and because I'm now awake and asleep at different times, my body is going through periods of sleep deprivation and 12 hour bouts of sleep at a time.

Things are definitely much more random nowadays..
like when my house is clean.
when I see my husband.
when the laundry is done.
my work schedule.
roger's work schedule.

Want to know some more random things?
off we go...

my new Blood Pressure medicine smells like cake. {new meds because the old meds did THIS}

most of the time, I write out my posts first - or at least put together ideas on paper before I post things

One day, I spent a lot of time editing and organizing my pinterest boards. It was very satisfying.

I'm still LOVING this abundance of rain and storms. It's keeping summer mild and might I add, is wonderful sleeping weather.

I wish blogger offered a cursive font - sometimes putting things in italics just isn't enough.

Not a day goes by when Hailee doesn't mention the name of one of her cousins.

I'm STILL loving my Erin Condren Life Planner. And as above where I mentioned writing out my posts first - I use my Take Note notebook for that one. Erin Condren stuff is just the bee's knees. For real.

I can never find a finger nail file when I need one - and my nails have been growing super fast.

Roger and I started watching Dr. Who on Netflix a couple months ago and it's pretty much one of my favorite shows now. We just started watching season 3. It takes all that is within me to NOT watch an extra episode when Roger isn't here... {I know you're reading this and I promise, I haven't. yet.} It's just a great show.

Hailee's latest play craze is "restaurant" she set this one up all by herself.

We love to paint. These are some rocks we painted. They started out looking good, then she got a little crazy with the paint and they all ended up brown and black.

When I get home from working a 13+ hour shift, after I sit down once, chances are good that I'm not getting back up to do much besides get ready for bed. After sitting once, my feet begin to THROB. And if I've been awake for too long, my body will start to shut down on it's own. I'm not that worried about sleeping during the day any more.

She does what she wants {and has her own fashion sense}

I have to chew gum at work. HAVE TO. When you're all up in people's faces, both of you don't have to have stank breath... It's probably the longest I'm able to chew gum.

I really hope this is not what I have to look forward to when picking up Hailee from daycare after Roger has the morning time to get her ready...
Colorful tank top over a princess dress with hot pink socks and tennis shoes. Oh, and the hair she went to sleep in. Because this is how I found her when I woke up today.

I love starting to work somewhere where no one knows my past. They only know who I am NOW and I like this person much better than who I was before.

Now, Hailee's into making bracelets with pipe cleaners and beads.

People will do anything. Nothing someone does should surprise me anymore. Since working in healthcare, you wouldn't even believe some of the things and theatrics I've seen. Compassion - I'm got that.  Holding my face neutral in those "special" moments {cursive needed here} is a bit harder for me to come by... Mrs. Varn, thank you very much for teaching us about that. ;)

This is my favorite way to stay organized at night. I want to sit down, and type up my own version but right now, that would take time that I don't really have.

We have a starbucks at work. So far, my favorite drink has been a caramel frap with an extra shot of get up and go. That amazing caramel syrup... I NEED IT!!! just kidding. but really... it's wonderful.

Hailee stuck a tiny lady bug sticker on the wall next to my bathroom. Every time I see it, I think it's a real bug.

Take No Glory: My will spins - I want to sing this song and harmonize with someone.
Please and thank you.
I love it.

and lastly, we all need time to decompress.
VERY IMPORTANT {again, cursive would do great here too}

I didn't have time to read back over this.
Sleep is calling.
If I go back over and see it's full of horrible mistakes, I'll fix them later.

Good night.


  1. Lucky you, having a Starbucks at work!

    1. AND you know what's even better? I get to use my ID badge to pay for it ;) it comes out of my check before I even know it's gone.
      that could be bad too...


say it with a smile.

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