Wednesday, August 7, 2013

already august.

Night Shift:
It is going to be one great, big adjustment.
And NOT an easy one at that.
HOWEVER... it was unnaturally without any difficulty what-so-ever.

The nights smoothly transitioned into days without any major mishaps.
Sleeping during daylight hours - now that's a whole other fish I'll have to fry.
Thank goodness for my eclipse curtains over all my bedroom windows!
They keep it nice and dim in my room.
I've always had problems sleeping during the day.

I work day shift tomorrow then night shift Friday night.
THEN, no more day time work.
Only nights.

And by the way...
Have I told you just how much I LOVE being a nurse?
It's an exhausting job.
But I'm learning new things every day.
I'm figuring out how to manage patients, medicines, assessments, rounding... doctors...
I'll be up to 4 patients by the end of the week.
I'm not gonna lie - it can still be a little scary knowing I'm in charge of the well being of 4 people who I have to simultaneously check in on every hour of my 12 hour shift {and then some}.

I really enjoy it.
And I love that I'm an Ortho nurse.
But even though my name badge says Orthopaedics RN, we also get overflow trauma from the ER.
During the daytime hours, it seems like it's a constant one thing right after the other.
So far, my experience with nights, that hasn't exactly been the case.
Pretty much between the hours of 2am - 5/6am, I've had sleepy/sleeping patients.
That's when things slow down and I can get caught up on charting.

It's still strange not having a normal 9 - 5 || M - F job.
Going in a patients room and seeing the sun setting over Columbia, SC.
Driving home as the sun comes up.

Let's not forget...

Since being out of school, life has taken on a whole new pace.
And suddenly, it's August.
I KNOW! it's hard for me to believe too.
And as someone pointed out... it hasn't even hit 100 this summer. yet.
Is it just me or has this summer absolutely flown by? There has been so much going on and so much bouncing back and forth, and now kids are about to go back to school.
And football season will soon start {not that I'm a fan or anything - exactly the opposite}
We'll probably be taking care of some football players if they have any ortho injuries.
It's happened before...


|| playing with blocks ||
she LOVES setting up {blocks} houses for her squinkies and animals
she's growing up so fast.

|| clementines ||

|| she loves to take pictures ||

|| just found out about this thing called "Wreck This Journal" and I'm making one for her ||
it's by Keri Smith.
a 4 year old version, of course!
It's a neat concept.
I would have loved this when I was a teenager.

|| checking out some child care options ||
Hailee loves being around other children.
And baby girl needs some structure to her day.
When they got home from this day-o-fun, she explained to me in detail everything they did and saw.
She's SUCH a people person.
JUST make yourself at home, Hailee girl.

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a good rest of the week.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks! She really is a mess. And was the best surprise ever :)

  2. I know my job (grocery store cashier) isn't nearly as exhausting as yours...but they're both the same in that we provide the services that 9-to-5 people want when they aren't at work! I admire you.

    1. Thank you friend! Working with people isn't always easy. I think it can be exhausting either way!


say it with a smile.

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