Thursday, July 11, 2013

just a few things.

Okay, a few things.

So far, I haven't had a full day of 3 patients.
I'll start out with 3, then one will be discharged.
So, there's that...
I want the 3 patients.
I NEED the 3 patients...
I have to figure out this whole time management thing.
2 patients is good for spending time with them, but it can get rather boring.
And I'm LOOKING for things to do.

Another thing I've noticed very closely in the 3 weeks I've been working with patients:
Everyone does it.

*stay with me now - I know this one's a no brainer*

Some age more graceful than others.
Truth is: our bodies were not made to last.
And we see this in the slow (or fast) decline of our senses.
We see this in the change in our skin texture.
We see this in the change of our activities and endurance level.
We see this in the mirror, as an aging face stares back at us.
Is that me?
Because that is NOT how I feel.
That person staring back at me; with wrinkles, age spots, grey hair, crow's feet - is not the "Me" that I feel like.

Ok, so personally I don't YET have grey hairs/wrinkles/age spots...
But Y'all... it's coming.

The only thing we can do is start to take better care of ourselves.
Because I have -first hand- seen the effects of aging in my patients.
I've cared for and loved on those people from 30 years old - to people in their 80's in the last 3 weeks.

The aging, weathered faces of the elderly usually are peppered throughout my days.
Bedpans, and chux pads are in abundance.
It's SO IMPORTANT to do the best I can to maintain someone's dignity.
It's not so easy to do that when you have to rely on someone to bring you a bedpan to use, then wipe you.
I often wonder what is going through their minds when I'm doing this for them.

*I'm going to pause here for a minute and say - it's usually our AMAZING certified nursing assistants that do this - but with me not having a huge amount of responsibility at the moment - I help whenever and wherever I can.*

And even when I will have a full patient load, it will NEVER be below me to assist my pts with their activities of daily living.

Usually, it's not that uncommon to go on multiple prescriptions and treatment regimens as we age.
As systems become tired and worn thin, they rely on outside methods to regulate them and keep them focused on their main functions.
It's my job to make sure they are getting these medications - and to monitor their vital signs as they are taking these medications.
BECAUSE... it's not like a normal, ordinary day for them - they are in the hospital for a reason: be it stress related to illness or surgery - and that alone throws everything off.

I'm on the Orthopaedics (that's how my work ID badge spells it) // Trauma floor.
We see not only people in there with external fixators attached to pins that are screwed directly into bone [an easy access point for any kind of microorganism to enter], patients who came to the ER for traumatic injuries, and also we have to treat whatever comorbidities {the presence of 1 or more diseases/disorders that is also going on with them} come along with whatever surgeries or trauma they have going on.
It's not exactly like just medical surgical nursing.
It's that and a lot more.
It's so interesting.
I've already learned so much.
I've started to get comfortable with things that I do on a more regular basis:

  • Hanging IV fluids
  • Messing with the Alaris pumps {IV's)
  • PCA pumps {Patient Controled Analgesia}
  • PICC lines/ Central lines
  • Lovenox/ Heparin shots
And sky's the limit from here.
I'm looking forward to learning more and more.
My official "night shifts" will start in August.
and THAT will be a whole new world.

After working a 12+ hour shift, I am T I R E D out.
There is NO cleaning that goes on once I get home. Nor cooking.
It's all I can do to eat dinner, hang out with Roger and Hailee for 30 minutes, then get in bed.
It's a long day, y'all.
So, I spend my days off getting caught up on the cleaning/laundry/cooking that I'm not able to do when I have my long hours.


Okay, I'm not going to hold out on you - my first paycheck was only half a paycheck's worth of work.
I got an Erin Condren Life Planner.
I've been planning and thinking about and deciding on which one I wanted for a good loooong time now.
{since nursing school}.
It was my graduation/got a job treat to myself.
AND it will be here by this weekend.
I'm so excited!!!
When things went on sale a few months ago, I got the Take Note, Notebook.
And I LOVE it.
Just waiting for that planner to come in...
I cannot wait to sit and Fill it out for the next year!!!!
More on that later...

and finally,


Work shoes.
I WON these from Anna's blog over HERE.
And I have gotten SO many complements on them.
Yes, they are Dansko's
and, YES, they are MUCH more comfortable than my white nursing school Dansko's.
I promise.

And Now, I'm going to Introduce you {again} to Sara Broski, from Tiny Galaxies
All of her jewelry is handmade with love.
and I LOVE it all!
She matched my latest pair exactly to the color of my scrubs.
and THAT is GOOD!!!

On the 4th of July, our church's annual fireworks extravaganza was simply, out of this world.
And Lucky Us... we live RIGHT behind the church.
Front row seats to amazing.

Did I mention this is a professional show - SET TO AMAZING MUSIC??!!

and finally..
My pockets are stuffed with this stuff.

Looking forward to my 4 day week next week.
two days of Classes + two 12 hour shifts.
with super amazing childcare.

and have I mentioned God is good??
Because he is.
All the time.

have a blessed week.


  1. It is always a pleasure to read what's going on with you!Sounds like you may have a future with Hospice. You certainly have the heart for it.

    1. Thank you!! we sure do miss you guys!!
      Hope all is well with you and Randy!

  2. I hope your schedule becomes more tolerable...I've had those weeks where it seemed like I was either working or asleep.

    1. It's probably going to get even crazier once I start working night shifts too!! Then, hopefully I'll soon start making my own schedule & can totally plan accordingly ;) yay on the big move!!

  3. i love to read other nurse blogs!
    you will figure out the time mgmt thing, but that was my hardest thing. i still struggle with it. just like tonite, i'm charting stuff from early in the day when it's time to go home. that shouldn't be happening.
    nursing is awesome just because of the different people you meet, things you see, and the way it changes your outlook on everything. i love it!
    can't wait to read more.

    1. charting is SUCH an all consuming thing. I had to start writing things and the times I did them so I wouldn't forget to chart! I totally agree on the meeting all kinds of people. It's been so eye opening. What an amazing journey nursing is!

  4. You are such a rockstar!!! And oh I have gray hair :( Started graying when I was in my early 20s. And because the rest is so dark it makes it really stand out. That reminds me, I absolutely need some hair dye soon....

    1. Ha! I don't yet know what I'm going to do with my grey hairs when they come in...
      If my hair is anything like my dad's, it will just turn white. I have so many different colors in my hair - it's never been just one color. I've seen some in my husbands head though ;)


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