Saturday, June 1, 2013

oh, the pictures you'll see.

By the way, this picture and one other are the only medical things in this post.
If you want more "medical", hit up my last post...
my NCLEX-RN experience!
join the fun ;)

Life lately.

 photo Collageanotherrandom_zps5fec54ad.jpg

No more studying.
We play now.

 photo Collagerandom_zps107496a8.jpg

Pool date with cousins.

 photo Collagemem_zps3971f9d8.jpg

Memorial Day

 photo Collagelake2_zps703282d8.jpg

 photo Collageroger_zpsbdac5b81.jpg

 photo Collagelake_zps7b85273f.jpg

Going crazy at the gym.

 photo Collagemoregym_zpsfb214782.jpg

 photo Collagegym_zps1a073a68.jpg

Tired cousins.
 photo Collagetired_zps149b2cc2.jpg

Painting is kinda relaxing.
I need to do this again.
Just have to find something else I want to paint.
 photo Collagepaint_zps26d749d7.jpg

Riverbanks Zoo Date with Cousins
 photo Collagezoo_zps87c49114.jpg

 photo Collagezoo2_zpsb7b4c0c3.jpg

 photo Collagezoofun_zps343d43ad.jpg

I've had SO MUCH time to do the things now, I made bread :)
and you can too!
It was SO easy and do you know how amazing fresh bread smells?
Roger said it hit him in the face when he walked in the door.
Amish Bread Recipe

 photo Collagebread_zps9ba12a07.jpg

Just taking it all in.
and playing with this little chick.

 photo Collagelately_zpsf725be10.jpg

OK, gotta go take more pictures now.


  1. I never knew about the trick with the penny!

    1. I didn't know either - never had any wasp experiences. Apparently the copper in a penny and vinegar help with the wasp bites.
      Then Roger showed me the thing that bit her because he killed it and left if on her little picnic table - turns out it was a yellow jacket.
      But it still worked.
      That, ice and Benadryl.

  2. What fun photos!! Stopping from June MM :) Love the gym photos - what a cutie pie.

    1. thanks for stopping by!!!
      my husband thinks I take too many pictures.
      I think you can never take enough pictures.

  3. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays! Your pictures remind me that summer is here:-)

    1. Summer is most definitely in full swing here!
      Hope to keep linking up :)

  4. Great to find you through Medical Monday! Thanks for linking up!
    Your bread photos make me hungry and your photos of you little ones make me miss all the summer fun we had when the kids were little! l

    1. I always love finding new medical life blogs! That bread is pretty delicious. And I've never made bread before - nothing to it.

  5. Love the pictures!
    Your painting is beautiful.
    And it looks like your family is having the best summer so far!! Loving all the water fun!

    1. thanks! that painting was SUCH a stress reliever.
      I needed it as a break from the constant studying I was doing.
      But alas... NO MORE SCHOOL!!!
      now, it's time for my "big girl" job ;)
      Summer is just beginning, huh!

  6. Misty! I've tried emailing you at your hotmail account a couple times and I haven't heard from you! I need your info in order to have the Dansko rep send you some shoes! :) email me or contact me on the blog so we can make this happen!

    1. I was wondering why I hadn't heard from you...
      My hotmail was hacked, and I wasn't ever let back into the account, so I switched to Gmail.
      so excited about those shoes!!


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