Saturday, June 22, 2013

life - uninterrupted by school.

It's pretty safe to say that when I was in school, everything else pretty much got pushed to the back burner.
My family.
Things I enjoyed doing.

  • playing guitar
  • reading books
  • writing
  • drawing

Working out | Eating right.

I'm happy to say that now, being OUT of school, I'm able to pick back up with everything that fell so behind.

I've been drawing more.
Mainly just messing around - drawing stuff for Hailee to color.
It's fun. I'm no artist, but it's something I enjoy doing.







I've been reading more.
Mainly Francine Rivers, BUT I have a book heading my way that I ordered just the other day...
Naked Hope.
by Abby Jackson.
Abby, a nurse, talks about touching people's lives, and weaving her faith in Christ into her daily routine.
I'm super excited about getting my hands on this book, seeing as how I'm just starting my journey as a Registered Nurse!!

Speaking of starting said journey..
Orientation this week - sitting at a computer {most of the time} learning things I already know because we used the same computer system in Orangeburg, going over basic skills {IV's, Foley Catheters, Central Line Dressing changes, Rapid Response, Calling a Code, a crash course on the Crash Cart}.. Monday we will wrap up THIS part of orientation.
Wednesday, I'll be on my unit, doing that orientation.

I'm orienting with another girl who is also coming to Orthopaedics!
She's really sweet and we'll both be working nights and pretty much following the same schedule through out our orientation. I'm excited about getting to know her more. We will be spending a lot of time together.
And we're both nervous about starting this part of the journey!

I've also been picking up my guitar a little more.
I'll be playing it for both services at church tomorrow, so I'm off to go practice all the awesome songs.
One thing: My fingers are going to hurt so much.
I've been playing more, but I'm nowhere near where I used to be...

Here's a song that I've been playing ever since I started playing the guitar way back when I was 13

never mind the train in the background.


  1. I like your drawings...very pretty.

    1. thanks!
      they're fun to do and just a little bit relaxing too.

  2. Your drawings are fantastic. Might I suggest you safe guard them and put your watermark on them so no one can take them from you. Then you can sell them on your site!! You have a money maker right there. (Or if nothing else a major way to gain loads of traffic to your site.) Parents like me are always looking for pages like yours to give to our kids to color (hang I even enjoy coloring those types of pictures.)

    Great post. I like learning more about the things you love.

    1. Thanks for the advice Crystal!
      I'm definitely not a professional. It wouldn't bother me if anyone else wanted to use them.
      i LOVE coloring too! I like to find the free printables {or even my child's coloring books} and color right along with her :)

  3. That's so neat you are talented. Don't forget you are also a writer ;). I'm happy you finally have more me time!

    1. Thanks Ellie! I'm glad that you & Mori are going to have a lighter year with more time together ;)

  4. Have you done a clinical or Preceptorship in Ortho previous? Ortho is a very rough floor. You spend so much time chasing pain. If you haven't already look up your dressing changes, your Pain & antibiotic medications, cast care, and Ortho related appliances. It will give you a boost.

    I did my Senior Practicum on the Ortho/Trauma floor and it was back breaking work. Between the q1 hour Dilaudid injections x 5 patients and the extensive dressing changes (had one that took 2 hours by itself) it'll run you ragged.

    1. wow. well, that's scary!
      I'm hoping it's a great learning experience.
      I've heard our orthopedics floor is one of the best in the entire hospital. They get the best customer ratings and everyone gets along. really.
      SO... I guess I'll just have to see how it goes!
      My first 7am-7pm shift is THURSDAY!!!
      Oh, I'm nervous.
      but excited too ;)
      THANK YOU for the advice!!!!!

  5. Misty,

    Love reading your Blogs and loved the uploaded videos of your guitar playing and singing. Thank you for adding those 2. Really missed hearing your voice. Love all of it and so happy that apparently allot of others like as well. Your view numbers are getting way up there! So hope it encourages you to keep up the great work on your creativeness and gift you have! Love you. Pam


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