Sunday, June 30, 2013

it's close.

Do you ever sit and wait in excited | nervous anticipation for something to happen?
Waiting for something you KNOW is going to happen - just not the exact timing of it all.
Waiting with butterflies in your stomach as the energy builds all around you.

Stepping out into the humidity - suffocating with it's thick presence - just hanging languidly on everything. Covering outside with a blanket of wet heat.
Watching the horizon - scanning for darkening, ominous clouds.
Listening for that first deep roll of thunder - rumbling far off in the distance - calling out its warning as the storm inches closer.
Feeling electricity in the air with a flash of lightening - bringing goosebumps to skin, glistening with sweat after only being outside for a few moments...
Counting the seconds between the lightening and thunder, trying to gauge the distance of the quickly approaching storm.

I love summer storms.
I love the noise, the unpredictable bolts of lightening and booms of thunder.
I love the sound of rain as it pounds on the roof.
I love the build up - and then, if you're REALLY lucky...
I love the rainbows that arc across the sky with their perfect bands of color in the most perfect order.
God's promise to NEVER flood the earth again.

And right now, there are storms all around us.
Sweeping in on the doppler radar.
{trust me! I'm following them closely ;)}
I love it.


say it with a smile.

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