Sunday, June 30, 2013

it's close.

Do you ever sit and wait in excited | nervous anticipation for something to happen?
Waiting for something you KNOW is going to happen - just not the exact timing of it all.
Waiting with butterflies in your stomach as the energy builds all around you.

Stepping out into the humidity - suffocating with it's thick presence - just hanging languidly on everything. Covering outside with a blanket of wet heat.
Watching the horizon - scanning for darkening, ominous clouds.
Listening for that first deep roll of thunder - rumbling far off in the distance - calling out its warning as the storm inches closer.
Feeling electricity in the air with a flash of lightening - bringing goosebumps to skin, glistening with sweat after only being outside for a few moments...
Counting the seconds between the lightening and thunder, trying to gauge the distance of the quickly approaching storm.

I love summer storms.
I love the noise, the unpredictable bolts of lightening and booms of thunder.
I love the sound of rain as it pounds on the roof.
I love the build up - and then, if you're REALLY lucky...
I love the rainbows that arc across the sky with their perfect bands of color in the most perfect order.
God's promise to NEVER flood the earth again.

And right now, there are storms all around us.
Sweeping in on the doppler radar.
{trust me! I'm following them closely ;)}
I love it.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

life - uninterrupted by school.

It's pretty safe to say that when I was in school, everything else pretty much got pushed to the back burner.
My family.
Things I enjoyed doing.

  • playing guitar
  • reading books
  • writing
  • drawing

Working out | Eating right.

I'm happy to say that now, being OUT of school, I'm able to pick back up with everything that fell so behind.

I've been drawing more.
Mainly just messing around - drawing stuff for Hailee to color.
It's fun. I'm no artist, but it's something I enjoy doing.







I've been reading more.
Mainly Francine Rivers, BUT I have a book heading my way that I ordered just the other day...
Naked Hope.
by Abby Jackson.
Abby, a nurse, talks about touching people's lives, and weaving her faith in Christ into her daily routine.
I'm super excited about getting my hands on this book, seeing as how I'm just starting my journey as a Registered Nurse!!

Speaking of starting said journey..
Orientation this week - sitting at a computer {most of the time} learning things I already know because we used the same computer system in Orangeburg, going over basic skills {IV's, Foley Catheters, Central Line Dressing changes, Rapid Response, Calling a Code, a crash course on the Crash Cart}.. Monday we will wrap up THIS part of orientation.
Wednesday, I'll be on my unit, doing that orientation.

I'm orienting with another girl who is also coming to Orthopaedics!
She's really sweet and we'll both be working nights and pretty much following the same schedule through out our orientation. I'm excited about getting to know her more. We will be spending a lot of time together.
And we're both nervous about starting this part of the journey!

I've also been picking up my guitar a little more.
I'll be playing it for both services at church tomorrow, so I'm off to go practice all the awesome songs.
One thing: My fingers are going to hurt so much.
I've been playing more, but I'm nowhere near where I used to be...

Here's a song that I've been playing ever since I started playing the guitar way back when I was 13

never mind the train in the background.

Monday, June 17, 2013

all things work together for good.


Have you ever looked around and thought ...
"This is most certainly NOT how I expected things to turn out"

I do it every day.
But - not in a bad way - just, in the Unknown way.

6 years ago, HAD YOU told me I'd be a mom and basking in the life and passion of my 4 year old daughter, drinking in her smiles and laughter, listening to her pray to Jesus in her own precious way, I'd say...
Nah, Kids aren't my thing. I have NO patience for them.
YET - here I am, a mother.
and loving every minute of it.

6 years ago, HAD YOU told me I'd be married to Roger {my boyfriend at the time}, falling in step with him as the spiritual leader of our family, trusting him incessantly, knowing him so completely, choosing to love him every single day, I'd say...
Get Real! Roger? He's a heroin addict junkie who is an atheist and we're ONLY together out of convenience and fun. I'm not gonna marry him! NOPE.
YET - we've been married for 3 years.
He covers his family with prayer and seeks God in all that he does. He tells me he is being called to work with U-Turn for Christ - the program that turned our lives upside down.
He is the one I laugh with, cry with, experience life with, and I wouldn't change a single thing.
Good or bad.

6 years ago, HAD YOU told me I'd be a nurse, working in a hospital around poop, puke, blood, sticking people with needles/catheters/NG tubes, cleaning up and caring for people that were too sick to care for themselves, I'd say...
GROSS! I couldn't do that.
YET - here I am, a registered nurse.
** this one is still a bit surreal **

Today was my 1st day of orientation starting my brand new journey as a nurse.
Today, I sat in a classroom full of people {5 others from my very own class} learning all I could about the company I said "yes" to.
Speaker after speaker, power points slowly blurring into one another, I kept looking down at my ID badge and those 2 letters - RN.

OH! what a journey it has been.
and oh, what a ways i have to go.

As faithful as God is...
He makes ALL THINGS work together for our good.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

oh, the pictures you'll see.

By the way, this picture and one other are the only medical things in this post.
If you want more "medical", hit up my last post...
my NCLEX-RN experience!
join the fun ;)

Life lately.

 photo Collageanotherrandom_zps5fec54ad.jpg

No more studying.
We play now.

 photo Collagerandom_zps107496a8.jpg

Pool date with cousins.

 photo Collagemem_zps3971f9d8.jpg

Memorial Day

 photo Collagelake2_zps703282d8.jpg

 photo Collageroger_zpsbdac5b81.jpg

 photo Collagelake_zps7b85273f.jpg

Going crazy at the gym.

 photo Collagemoregym_zpsfb214782.jpg

 photo Collagegym_zps1a073a68.jpg

Tired cousins.
 photo Collagetired_zps149b2cc2.jpg

Painting is kinda relaxing.
I need to do this again.
Just have to find something else I want to paint.
 photo Collagepaint_zps26d749d7.jpg

Riverbanks Zoo Date with Cousins
 photo Collagezoo_zps87c49114.jpg

 photo Collagezoo2_zpsb7b4c0c3.jpg

 photo Collagezoofun_zps343d43ad.jpg

I've had SO MUCH time to do the things now, I made bread :)
and you can too!
It was SO easy and do you know how amazing fresh bread smells?
Roger said it hit him in the face when he walked in the door.
Amish Bread Recipe

 photo Collagebread_zps9ba12a07.jpg

Just taking it all in.
and playing with this little chick.

 photo Collagelately_zpsf725be10.jpg

OK, gotta go take more pictures now.

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