Friday, May 3, 2013


My Nursing Pin.

Its hard to believe another chapter in my life is ending - as I'm on the cusp of another new beginning.

A life-changing opportunity to use my new knowledge to serve others.
God's hand has been in this from the very beginning, and here at the end, I pray more now than ever for direction and leading as I venture into my new career.

It's easy to look back on all the new connections and relationships made in the last 2 years and say -
we'll stay in touch.

Truth is:
the future is as unknown as the beginning of nursing school was.

Another truth is:
I will never forget any of you! We have touched each others' lives in ways we didn't even know were possible - and that's hard to shake.

The pictures and memories will serve as sweet mementos that will forever bind us.
The traditional white nursing uniform from the cap (that at first, we all loathed) down to the cloggish white shoes (which I equally loathed) will further remind us of the generations of RN's that came before us.
Their dedication and compassion throughout history set the standard ground work for our newly learned career choice.

Are we ready for this new journey?
At times, it still feels a little overwhelming.
LIKE: when I'm in clinical, watching the RN's run like well-oiled machines and I just wonder.. How??
We are done with school, but we're still only beginning to learn things.
It will still be a while before we are comfortable in our new nursing skin.

I don't think anyone really wants this all to end.
After being such a constant presence in each others' lives, it's going to be strange not seeing the familiar faces as often.
I'm so glad that the majority of my class will be able to work together at the hospital we did our clinicals at +RMC as RN's on all the different floors.
For me - I have decided to look closer to home {not an hour away} for employment.
I'm hoping for a hospital in Columbia. Pray for that for me!
I have confidence that each and every one of you are going to make great nurses, wherever you choose to work!
And I hope that we do all stay in touch.
With facebook, it is sort of hard not to... ;)

Our senior project that we worked SO hard on.
Everyone did a great job in our group:

A tribute to nurses:

Pinning pics:

proud mom and dad 

it was late and Hailee had been good through the whole thing - letting off a little energy... 

a few of my sweet nieces & Hailee

I just want to thank my whole family for making my pinning such a memorable evening.
My heart was full with all the love and support that was surrounding us all.
Roger was here somewhere - it was just so chaotic afterward and people were EVERYWHERE.
I have one more week of NCLEX-RN prep classes then, it's time to schedule that test and take it.

Then, it's time to get working!!

Goodbye clinical uniform... Time to trade up to some more comfortable scrubs ;)
Advice on good scrubs is much welcomed!!

and just as an extra something, here is a video I made from some of our family pictures through out the year.

your love is all around from Misty Venne on Vimeo.

And now... off to study for the NCLEX-RN


  1. Congratulations!! What a HUGE accomplishment! I'm excited for this next step in your journey :)

    1. Thank you Courtney!!
      Huge, yes.
      I cannot even begin to tell you how ready I was to finish ;)

      And I cannot wait for this new journey to begin!!

  2. Awesome! Way to go! Congrats! Such a huge accomplishment. ;)

    1. Thank you!! Now ready for the next big step - actually working as a nurse.

  3. Congratulations! I know exactly how you feel. I'm just graduating as an LPN.

  4. You're a rock star now, it's official.

    Congrats my friend!

    1. Ha! you remember when it was like 6 months away?
      They flew.
      so fast.

      you were right, it was no time at all, and it was over..

      Good luck with your schoolin too!!

  5. Congratulations!

  6. I can't wait for our pinning, hopefully we won't have to wear the hats!! Thankfully we get to vote on the option of whether or not to wear them in our nursing pics & I'm pretty sure we're voting no (hopefully). On the scrubs, two words "Grey's Anatomy" those are THE softest scrubs EVER. They're a little more expensive but worth it in how comfy they are. Can't wait to hear about the job situation!

    1. I will most definitely check out the Grey's Anatomy scrubs. Someone else said something about them being pretty great too!
      I like the whole traditional look with the hats and white dresses. We did not like them when we first had to wear them, but it was ok for the ceremony :) I'm getting ready now to go do a peer interview and job shadow!!

  7. Congrats Graduate Nurse!! Good luck on the NCLEX you are going to kill it!! I liked the hat too... I think it's a great tradition and tribute!

    1. thank you!

      I'm scared out of my mind about taking NCLEX. Probably because so much is riding on it..

      and today, I got my job offer!! You will soon be talking to the new night nurse - full time position - on the orthopedics floor at Palmetto Health Richland Hospital!!!!

  8. You know you look fantastic in the uniform right??? Congrats friend!!! You will be the best nurse ever. You are such an inspiration!!

    1. aww thanks friend!! It's still a bit scary, but I guess it's the next logical step, huh!! haha. LOVE your new triangle theme, by the way!!


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