Monday, May 20, 2013

finding things to do

I'm going to jump right and and ask for your help with something.
I love to blog.
I love to read blogs.
It's fun to connect with people around the world with similar interests.
one of my blog friends I know in real life!!
and she is working on something big.
BIG, y'all!
Her name is Lindsay.
How do I know her?
Well... we went to middle school and high school together.
She is the one blogger on here that I KNOW!

What can you help her with??
HERE is her blog.
I know almost all of my friends on here are on instagram.
And you know what? YOU can help her by just taking pictures!!
{of the things she needs, of course...}
See, she LOVES to write {and is pretty doggone good at it too!}
She loves kids.
And she's writing a children's book and wants to use instagram images as the illustrations for her children's book.
All you have to do is snap a photo of what she needs, tag her @lindsayluton, and add the cute little hashtag #morethanphoto and BAM!!
So do me a favor, scroll through all your beautiful instagram pictures, find some that she is needing for illustrations, and add your own comment tagging her and the hashtag.

and it's done.
Please help her if you can!!
She is a sweet girl, I promise!!
Go check her out.
{she even has a button on my sidebar that will take you straight to her blog - Doc Momma}

SO... now that I've asked you all to help with that, I'm going to stay with the instagram theme for just a bit longer...
long enough to tell you about my new fun go to app {sorry, it isn't available for android yet, unfortunately}.

A Beautiful Mess

 photo Collage_zps6a27a9e7.jpg

FUN I tell you!
Who doesn't want to take their cute instagram pictures and add a little bit more of themselves to them??
Ingenious idea.
I have had so much fun playing around with it.
There are really so many options when it comes to this app.
See all that I have done with it {so far}.


Now that school is over, I'm starting to get back to doing "normal" things again.
We spent some time over at my parents' house since they're a little in shock too from not having to watch Hailee during the week for me.
I'm sure they are enjoying their retirement a little more now too!
We cleaned my car from the inside out last week, and it felt SO GOOD to have a clean car for the first time in a long time.
In fact, the first time Roger got in and absentmindedly placed a gum wrapper in one of my cup holders, I about lost it on him.
my clean car is not a trash can!
I guess it will give me another excuse to take it to my parents and clean it again, huh?

 photo Collage2_zps9844d740.jpg

Hailee helped as much as she could.
I think she just wanted to play with the water, and make rainbows with the hose.

What else have I been up to??
Besides studying for NCLEX a little every day {I'm taking it next week and I appreciate prayers for God's will to be done in that testing center!!}

I'm proud to say I've been able to start working out again!!
Oh, the wonderful feeling that comes along with sweating and elation after a good cardio session is unbeatable!
Hopefully during this month I have off, I can develop these good habits again and stick with them.
All this extra weight I have gained since being in nursing school and sitting on my bum all day long is NOT going to work itself off...
But I do have to admit - I'm a bit more fulfilled when it comes to instant gratification.
Sadly, weight loss is not one of those instant gratification things.
It takes time.

I haven't even seen this movie yet, but really like this song.
If you've seen the movie, Pitch Perfect, tell me if you've liked it.
We used to do this with cups too, but sing and do it at the same time - forget it!


  1. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!! I really appreciate it so much!! :)

    1. You are WELCOME!! I hope it helps a little bit ;)

  2. Going over to read her blog now!!!

  3. You're such a good friend!! I'll try an post a pic or two!!


say it with a smile.

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