Wednesday, May 1, 2013

250 words

Hi. {not that I can promise to blog every day in may or anything, but here goes an attempt...}

After 9 {10} months of being preggo, my mama had me in Columbia, SC, at Baptist Hospital, 1237 in the afternoon, on October 3, 1981..

My mom was 20, my dad was 27, I was their first, and my brother followed 4 years later.

Lived in Irmo, SC for my entire teenage life - same house until my Sr year of high school, then my parents moved 5.5 miles away and are still there to this day.

Both of my parents worked. Austin and I went to La Petite Academy until elementary school started.

Graduated high school in 1999. That is when the Prince song, "party like it's 1999" made sense.

Attempted a semester at USC - met a boy and moved away to TN instead.

Got married at 20, divorced at 22.

Moved home, grew up a little more.

Roger. 2006.

Head over HEELS, i tell you.
That is how it started out.
It was his eyes.

Oops. Pregnant.
Hailee Elizabeth Venne 03/31/2009.
Defining moment in my life.
My world.
My little heart beat.
My everything.
She stole the show.

{nontraditional - most definitely NOT what I was taught - culmination of a lot of things and circumstances}

God intervened.
Changed Roger's life - full circle.
Changed my life - now living for the "right" reasons.
married roger 2010.

nursing school.
graduation next week.
2 job interviews today, peer interview/job shadow Saturday.

now, it is time to give back to everyone who gave so much to get me to where I am today.
and for that, I thank EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF YOU!!!
from the bottom of my heart.

**OK, 278 words, but really, who's counting?
and that was only tid bits.

and More to come on the whole graduation/pinning situation.
because FO REAL!!!! i'm gonna be a NURSE!!
a RN!!
as soon as I pass the NCLEX.

I am done.
the end.


  1. Interesting story. Thank you for sharing!

    1. ;) thanks Robin!! Hope the new job is going great!!

  2. Congrats on Pinning and Graduation!! So exciting. Good luck with your interviews and NCLEX!!

    1. I'm so excited!! and scared to death of the NCLEX...

  3. Congrats on your pinning tomorrow!!! Make sure you soak it all in; it really is such a fulfilling moment after all the struggles of nursing school :)

    1. Aww thank you Breanna!! I was WAY nervous but it was a beautiful, surreal ceremony!! and now, it's over. I'm a NURSE!

  4. Congrats on passing nursing. :) That's quite an accomplishment. My mom was a nurse, and I admire anyone who goes into the nursing field. I live in Orangeburg, SC. I'd love to connect with you.

    Love the quick bit about your history. Look forward to getting to know more about you.


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