Friday, May 31, 2013

ready or not, time to TEST!!

** Quick version of this post **

Tuesday 05/28 I took my NCLEX
Wednesday 05/29 in limbo waiting for the next day's results
Thursday 05/30 - 48 "Business" hours from the time I took my test, I could find out my results.
I passed.
The End.

Now.. If you actually care to read on, I'm going to give you a little glimpse inside what it was like for me to take one of the biggest, scariest, hardest tests of my life.
And off we go!

The Night Before NCLEX
Here I am on the eve of the biggest test of my life. On the test that is to determine whether or not I'm ready for my choice of career as a RN. My stomach is tied up in knots. I mentally cannot fit any more information into my brain. There is just SO MUCH to know.
In order to prepare for this humonstrous exam, I've been practicing NCLEX questions for at least a month - writing them and their rationale's down so I could go over and over them again.
I've been using NCLEX 4000 along with NCSBN's NCLEX-RN online class. I've been reviewing those questions, all my critical lab values, disease states, and so on, and so on...
DO I know enough to be a prudently responsible nurse, able to take care of my patients?
So, what am I doing tonight??
After going strong for the better part of a full day, I've been clearing my mind by catching up on Army Wives (netflix) that I've missed since my 4 year old stopped taking afternoon naps.
Hailee is spending the night with my parents.
My test is not until 2pm tomorrow.
I'm going to get some sleep, look over things a little bit more tomorrow, meet my sweet friend, TerriLyn 1 hour before the test, then GO TEST!!

The Morning Of...
I just want to do my best and I think that is what it all comes down to.
Hi, I'm Misty and I'm an overachiever. {and I get it honestly...}
No one knows me better than my dad - because I'm more like him than anyone else.
He worked full time, and went back to school at nights part time while me and Austin were kids so he could get his master's degree in Counseling. After he retired from that, he went back to school to study massage therapy - made the highest grades in the class, and passed his licensing exam with flying colors. Then, he decided to go back and get his Physical Training license... get the picture, never stop learning.

I woke up, made my coffee, pulled out all my lab values, wrote them over and over again (that's how I learn best), grabbed my NCLEX study guide (all 35 pages) and have been reading through it.
Last night, I dreamed of NCLEX. I dreamed that my test was at 2pm and by 6pm, I still hadn't made it to the testing center. Then, I was on my way - Hailee (my 4 year old) was with me for some reason and I was riding on what looked like one of those iRobot Roomba vacuums that are remote controlled (??) strange, I know. But it wouldn't make it up the hill on one of the streets I was on. Then, Hailee started crying. Next thing I know, Roger (hubbs) was driving me to take the NCLEX. Then, I was done - and he had a laptop ready to go through some back way to find out if I passed before the standard 48 hours to see your results. Then, I was telling everyone that I passed...

My NCLEX Experience
My friend and I decided to meet at the testing center in Columbia at 1pm before our 2pm testing time.
30 minutes before it was time to go, I could SEE my heart pounding in my chest through my shirt. I took my pulse and it was racing - 103. I dared not check my blood pressure... mild anxiety is good for test taking, right?? right?
I had finally studied enough that I couldn't possibly read anything else.
So I got in my car and drove to the testing center. I met TerriLyn in the empty waiting room, and the testing administrator got us all ready and let us go in one hour earlier than scheduled! Which is good because I'm not sure my nerves could have handled sitting there for one hour, waiting.
They took our palm prints, finger prints, palm prints again, took a picture, gave us a locker, we locked away our stuff and went to the door of The Room with all the computers.
At that door was ANOTHER testing administrator.
There, we were to hand over our ID, get our fingerprints and palm prints verified - AGAIN, not even 10 ft from where it was done the 1st time.
Top security measures, people!!
These people with the NCLEX do NOT play around.
I sat down at the computer assigned to me and started reading through the tutorial on taking the NCLEX.
I was skimming and reading same sentences like 3 times just to grasp what it was saying.
After the tutorial, it was time to test.
I had to stop, breathe, and pray.
God had gotten me this far through nursing school, and as my sister in law, Blair told me earlier today, He put me on this path for a reason, and if it was His will, this too would be successful. It's still a big, scary test.

One and a half hours and 83 questions later, I was done.
I was rattled. I was unsure. But I was finished.
As I got up to go, I saw TerriLyn sitting next to me, and 3 other people from my class testing across the room. I said a quick prayer for them, then quietly walked out of the computer room.
I got my stuff, called my husband, and walked out to my car.
I think I scared him. I was SO unsure as to whether I passed or not. I was reading some person's NCSBN testimony that had failed NCLEX the first time with 78 questions. I had 83. I could have failed.
I drove to my parents' house to pick up Hailee.
And I told myself I wouldn't do the "finding out if I passed by going through the back way" but I did.
I got the good pop up.
It still was not enough to convince me that I passed. Not until I saw the result: PASS on that Pearson Vue website would I be able to relax, knowing that I passed.
So, this is what I did...

One more day.
In a little less than 24 hours I can get my results.
I threw some pork chops in the crock pot for dinner and I'm not going to study. Not one bit.
I'm just trying to keep myself busy so I don't have to think about it and stress over it.
I met Cynthia (my other sister in law) at the All Star Gym where the kids ran around and played on all the gymnastics stuff for a few hours.
Still unsure if I passed or not.
Waiting is one of the hardest things. ever.

Results Day
Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my.
I had a hard time falling asleep last night anticipating the results I'd be getting today.
Woke up - drank coffee - worked out - showered.
Met Cynthia at the Zoo for a few hours.
Again, staying busy is a GOOD thing.
I was so glad for the distraction but of course, I'd been checking the Pearson Vue website *just in case my results should pop up early* EVERY HOUR.
I was checking facebook to see if any other friends had gotten their results.
I was still getting nervous butterflies in my stomach just thinking about checking the results. again.
So many people know that I took my test Tuesday - SO many more than I originally wanted to know.
NOW, they're all waiting to see how I did.
And this waiting is Unnerving.
From 2:15 pm until 3:00 pm, I had the website up, pushing "Refresh" like every minute.
At 2:56 pm, my dad called to see if I'd gotten the results yet and I think that just made me even more anxious. He was about to walk in and do a massage at one of his customer's houses and wouldn't be out to call me for another hour.

At 3:01 pm, I refreshed again and Up Popped "Your Quick Results Are Available"
My hands were shaking as I entered the numbers on my debit card to pay the $7.95 to view my results and...


I could finally breathe a sigh of relief.
I'm now Misty Venne, RN

I cannot believe that chapter in my life is through.
It seemed like such a long road with many different struggles and obstacles, but it also seemed like it went so fast and has just as easily blurred along the edges.
2 years gone.

I start working June 17.
I'm a nurse, y'all ;)

Last night, we ate dinner, then I was able to clean the kitchen without worrying about finding time to get away and study.
IT was hard. But now, it's done.
Time to give back to my family.
Time to be the wife and mother that they deserve.
Time to be a better friend (sorry manda panda bear!! i miss you and can't wait to hang out again after you get back from the beach)
Time to start my grown up job and be a nurse.
On to new adventures!!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

finding things to do

I'm going to jump right and and ask for your help with something.
I love to blog.
I love to read blogs.
It's fun to connect with people around the world with similar interests.
one of my blog friends I know in real life!!
and she is working on something big.
BIG, y'all!
Her name is Lindsay.
How do I know her?
Well... we went to middle school and high school together.
She is the one blogger on here that I KNOW!

What can you help her with??
HERE is her blog.
I know almost all of my friends on here are on instagram.
And you know what? YOU can help her by just taking pictures!!
{of the things she needs, of course...}
See, she LOVES to write {and is pretty doggone good at it too!}
She loves kids.
And she's writing a children's book and wants to use instagram images as the illustrations for her children's book.
All you have to do is snap a photo of what she needs, tag her @lindsayluton, and add the cute little hashtag #morethanphoto and BAM!!
So do me a favor, scroll through all your beautiful instagram pictures, find some that she is needing for illustrations, and add your own comment tagging her and the hashtag.

and it's done.
Please help her if you can!!
She is a sweet girl, I promise!!
Go check her out.
{she even has a button on my sidebar that will take you straight to her blog - Doc Momma}

SO... now that I've asked you all to help with that, I'm going to stay with the instagram theme for just a bit longer...
long enough to tell you about my new fun go to app {sorry, it isn't available for android yet, unfortunately}.

A Beautiful Mess

 photo Collage_zps6a27a9e7.jpg

FUN I tell you!
Who doesn't want to take their cute instagram pictures and add a little bit more of themselves to them??
Ingenious idea.
I have had so much fun playing around with it.
There are really so many options when it comes to this app.
See all that I have done with it {so far}.


Now that school is over, I'm starting to get back to doing "normal" things again.
We spent some time over at my parents' house since they're a little in shock too from not having to watch Hailee during the week for me.
I'm sure they are enjoying their retirement a little more now too!
We cleaned my car from the inside out last week, and it felt SO GOOD to have a clean car for the first time in a long time.
In fact, the first time Roger got in and absentmindedly placed a gum wrapper in one of my cup holders, I about lost it on him.
my clean car is not a trash can!
I guess it will give me another excuse to take it to my parents and clean it again, huh?

 photo Collage2_zps9844d740.jpg

Hailee helped as much as she could.
I think she just wanted to play with the water, and make rainbows with the hose.

What else have I been up to??
Besides studying for NCLEX a little every day {I'm taking it next week and I appreciate prayers for God's will to be done in that testing center!!}

I'm proud to say I've been able to start working out again!!
Oh, the wonderful feeling that comes along with sweating and elation after a good cardio session is unbeatable!
Hopefully during this month I have off, I can develop these good habits again and stick with them.
All this extra weight I have gained since being in nursing school and sitting on my bum all day long is NOT going to work itself off...
But I do have to admit - I'm a bit more fulfilled when it comes to instant gratification.
Sadly, weight loss is not one of those instant gratification things.
It takes time.

I haven't even seen this movie yet, but really like this song.
If you've seen the movie, Pitch Perfect, tell me if you've liked it.
We used to do this with cups too, but sing and do it at the same time - forget it!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

waiting for that one special email.


all graduated and everything!!

The only thing that stands between me and Misty Venne, RN is NCLEX.
The only thing that stands between me and actually taking the NCLEX is an email that tells me, Ready, Set, GO!! schedule the exam!!!
SO, every time I GET an email, I panic a little bit, hoping {and secretly sweating} that its The One.

I've heard this will be the hardest test I'll ever have to take in my life.
I've heard this test will be easy.
I've heard past graduates say that once they finished the test, they sat in their cars and cried because they were SURE they failed.

So, who to believe??
One thing I'm sure of... I'll need to make sure I have all my bases covered.

and believe me when I tell you - there is a lot of stuff to cover.
and after I've been looking at it so much - it all starts to run together.
Who knew Nausea/Vomiting/Headache were signs and symptoms of SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS??!!

And I've been told that if you get a lot of easy questions, that is bad.
The degree of difficulty goes up as you answer more right questions.

The least amount of questions I will have to answer is 75.
The most amount of questions I CAN answer is 265.
but, NO ONE wants to answer all 265. That cannot mean good things.

And this rings true about almost every. single. question on the test:

They like to be tricky.

select ALL that apply??
Could there BE any other type of question that makes you second guess yourself as much?
I think not.
THIS is how those questions {which will comprise of at least 20% of the test} make me feel.

And once you answer a question and move on to the next, that's it!
NO going back.

So, I will continue to study.

in between these truer than life moments.

And no, my house is NOT spotless at the moment because truthfully,
ain't NOBODY got time for that.
Not to mention how anxious I get when I'm cleaning/doing laundry/picking up after my 4 year old when I KNOW I need to be focusing on NCLEX.

I have to try my hardest to sneak away and study.

This book is all highlighted up, but I've been answering so many practice questions on the computer, I haven't had a chance to go back over it.

Again, SO MUCH to remember.

Because REALLY, it's all riding on this.

and when I can breathe a sigh of relief and say this ^^
then, it will all be done.

and then, I can claim the title, RN.

and, that, my friends...
will be a very HAPPY DAY!!

And in June, I'll start working as a RN!
I've accepted a full time RN {nights} position as an orthopedics {bones/joints} nurse at Palmetto Health Richland Hospital!!!


Friday, May 3, 2013


My Nursing Pin.

Its hard to believe another chapter in my life is ending - as I'm on the cusp of another new beginning.

A life-changing opportunity to use my new knowledge to serve others.
God's hand has been in this from the very beginning, and here at the end, I pray more now than ever for direction and leading as I venture into my new career.

It's easy to look back on all the new connections and relationships made in the last 2 years and say -
we'll stay in touch.

Truth is:
the future is as unknown as the beginning of nursing school was.

Another truth is:
I will never forget any of you! We have touched each others' lives in ways we didn't even know were possible - and that's hard to shake.

The pictures and memories will serve as sweet mementos that will forever bind us.
The traditional white nursing uniform from the cap (that at first, we all loathed) down to the cloggish white shoes (which I equally loathed) will further remind us of the generations of RN's that came before us.
Their dedication and compassion throughout history set the standard ground work for our newly learned career choice.

Are we ready for this new journey?
At times, it still feels a little overwhelming.
LIKE: when I'm in clinical, watching the RN's run like well-oiled machines and I just wonder.. How??
We are done with school, but we're still only beginning to learn things.
It will still be a while before we are comfortable in our new nursing skin.

I don't think anyone really wants this all to end.
After being such a constant presence in each others' lives, it's going to be strange not seeing the familiar faces as often.
I'm so glad that the majority of my class will be able to work together at the hospital we did our clinicals at +RMC as RN's on all the different floors.
For me - I have decided to look closer to home {not an hour away} for employment.
I'm hoping for a hospital in Columbia. Pray for that for me!
I have confidence that each and every one of you are going to make great nurses, wherever you choose to work!
And I hope that we do all stay in touch.
With facebook, it is sort of hard not to... ;)

Our senior project that we worked SO hard on.
Everyone did a great job in our group:

A tribute to nurses:

Pinning pics:

proud mom and dad 

it was late and Hailee had been good through the whole thing - letting off a little energy... 

a few of my sweet nieces & Hailee

I just want to thank my whole family for making my pinning such a memorable evening.
My heart was full with all the love and support that was surrounding us all.
Roger was here somewhere - it was just so chaotic afterward and people were EVERYWHERE.
I have one more week of NCLEX-RN prep classes then, it's time to schedule that test and take it.

Then, it's time to get working!!

Goodbye clinical uniform... Time to trade up to some more comfortable scrubs ;)
Advice on good scrubs is much welcomed!!

and just as an extra something, here is a video I made from some of our family pictures through out the year.

your love is all around from Misty Venne on Vimeo.

And now... off to study for the NCLEX-RN

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

250 words

Hi. {not that I can promise to blog every day in may or anything, but here goes an attempt...}

After 9 {10} months of being preggo, my mama had me in Columbia, SC, at Baptist Hospital, 1237 in the afternoon, on October 3, 1981..

My mom was 20, my dad was 27, I was their first, and my brother followed 4 years later.

Lived in Irmo, SC for my entire teenage life - same house until my Sr year of high school, then my parents moved 5.5 miles away and are still there to this day.

Both of my parents worked. Austin and I went to La Petite Academy until elementary school started.

Graduated high school in 1999. That is when the Prince song, "party like it's 1999" made sense.

Attempted a semester at USC - met a boy and moved away to TN instead.

Got married at 20, divorced at 22.

Moved home, grew up a little more.

Roger. 2006.

Head over HEELS, i tell you.
That is how it started out.
It was his eyes.

Oops. Pregnant.
Hailee Elizabeth Venne 03/31/2009.
Defining moment in my life.
My world.
My little heart beat.
My everything.
She stole the show.

{nontraditional - most definitely NOT what I was taught - culmination of a lot of things and circumstances}

God intervened.
Changed Roger's life - full circle.
Changed my life - now living for the "right" reasons.
married roger 2010.

nursing school.
graduation next week.
2 job interviews today, peer interview/job shadow Saturday.

now, it is time to give back to everyone who gave so much to get me to where I am today.
and for that, I thank EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF YOU!!!
from the bottom of my heart.

**OK, 278 words, but really, who's counting?
and that was only tid bits.

and More to come on the whole graduation/pinning situation.
because FO REAL!!!! i'm gonna be a NURSE!!
a RN!!
as soon as I pass the NCLEX.

I am done.
the end.

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